You don’t need to travel far to see true beauty

Lewis Moulson (18) is originally from the UK, where he lived in Disley (Stockport, Cheshire). In 2005, he moved to the Portugal with his parents. He now lives in Albufeira and is currently finishing his A-levels at Nobel International School. Lewis is also owner of videography and photography company Chilli Pepper Productions.

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine February 2017

What inspired you to move to the Algarve?

Lewis: I moved here with my parents when I was 5. We had already spent many holidays here as we owned a holiday home in São Rafael. The decision to move was made after my parents had serious holiday blues and wanted a simpler way of life.


When did you feel at home here?

Lewis: It’s funny because to me the Algarve has always felt like home. I know it’s a cliché, but each time we holidayed here it quite literally was becoming a home from home.


Was it hard to get accustomed to the Portuguese lifestyle?

Lewis: Initially it was difficult, especially in terms of language. I remember my dad having to re-visit his French school lessons; he was liaising in French with many of the older neighbours as they didn’t speak English and we spoke very little Portuguese. However, with a combination of Portuguese, French and English, we got there in the end. The neighbours were so friendly from the start, always leaving produce at our gate, and in return we’d leave them British foods which they’d never tried before. The first time we left our neighbours a large pork pie, they wanted to know how long they should cook it for.


How does your life differ now you live here?

Lewis: Life is a lot simpler; we live in a semi-rural location, yet only a few minutes from the hustle of Albufeira’s old town. With my school being an international school, where children sometimes only stay a few years before they’re off with their family to the next place, many of my school friends have come and gone. However, I still have a few original friends who started school at the same time. I’ve spent more than 2/3rd of my childhood years in the south of Portugal; it’s what I call home. I’m proud of my English roots, but I prefer staying in the Algarve.


What is your favourite Algarve moment?

Lewis: I have many, but it has to be when I’m filming on one of the many stunning beaches across the Algarve.

(In the original article: the video Lewis made of the Santa Swim on the beach of Armação de Pêra)


What annoys you here?

Lewis: Currently it’s the internet, or should I say the lack of it! This issue really resonates with me when I see UK adverts offering high-speed internet and mobile phone deals at ridiculously low prices.


What do you miss most from the UK?

Lewis: My fondest memory of the UK is going back there at Christmas time and playing in the snow.


Which 5 words would best describe the Algarve for you?

Lewis: Socialising, beaches, home, exploration & sunsets.


What’s your favourite spot?

Lewis: Being on a boat during sunset with family and friends, watching the world go by. I love nothing more than exploring the beautiful Algarvian coastline with its endless photographic opportunities. It still amazes me the amount of people who have yet to explore our beautiful and diverse country. Sometimes you don’t need to travel far to see true beauty.


In what way does the Algarve inspire you?

Lewis: The Algarve has inspired me in forging a career in videography, hence the reason why I set up Chilli Pepper Productions. I realised my vocation in life three years ago when volunteering for the Dance World Cup in Ferragudo. I was only supposed to be helping to sell tickets and t-shirts, but they were short of camera operatives and my name was put forward by my class-mates, much to my annoyance at the time. However, I enjoyed it so much I spent every working hour learning and couldn’t wait to do more. When the Dance World Cup requested my services again the following year in Romania, I spent 11 days expanding my knowledge. This gave me a thirst for working in videography and a realisation of what I wanted to do as a career. Without living and schooling in the Algarve, I’d never have had this opportunity.


How’s your Portuguese coming along?

Lewis: Even though I’ve been at school here for a number of years, my Portuguese isn’t the best. However, I get by, I understand more than I speak, and I keep improving.


Do you have a secret tip for our readers?

Lewis: In the lovely village of Alte there’s a natural waterfall which is mesmerizing. However, don’t go looking for it in August as the local farmer diverts all the water to his crops. I speak from a personal experience with this matter…


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine February 2017

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