Where to enjoy your galão

Made of espresso and foamed milk, Portugal’s answer to latte or cappuccino is always a good idea. But some places are better than others to enjoy your galão. Not necessarily because of the coffee, but because they offer an amazing view. Enjoy the Algarve recommends three awesome locations.

Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine October 2016


The wild west coast

On top of Praia do Amado, for example, where there’s a little truck that sells coffees and a small variety of pastries. Enjoy your galão while looking over the Atlantic Ocean and checking out the swell.

Afterwards: put on a wetsuit, grab a board, attach the leash to your feet, brave the waves and go for a surf.


The serra

In Querença for example, looking out over the Caldeirão hills and smelling the pine trees. Search the galão in this picture. (Hint: it’s not there. Or actually, it’s there but you can’t see it as it fell off the wall and is now soaking into the bushes).

Afterwards: go for a long walk in the serra. Or just order another galão, breathe in the clean mountain air and feel good.


The Ria Formosa

On Ilha da Armona, for example. There are various cafés and restaurants on the western point of the island. While enjoying your galão, make up your mind about whether to go swimming or working on your suntan.

Afterwards: search for shells and sample some fresh seafood before taking the ferry back to the mainland.


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine October 2016

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