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Want to know a bit more about the wine you’re drinking? Visit a winery and see how it’s made. We’ve selected four award-winning vineyards in the Algarve that all offer guided tours & wine tastings. Enjoy!

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine December 2016


Quinta dos Vales

With 15 different grape varieties and a total production of 85,000-100,000 litres of wine per year, Quinta dos Vales is definitely not a small winery. It’s located near Estômbar; you’ll probably already spot the sculptures when driving on the N125.

Go if: you’re also interested in art. More than 100 different sculptures (with materials ranging from Portuguese marble to fiberglass) can be found in the gardens of the winery, some up to 6.5m in height. Some are made by Quinta dos Vales’ owner Karl Heinz Stock.

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Monte da Casteleja

Winegrower Guillaume Leroux was introduced to the magic of wine by his father. Since 2000 he’s growing wines at the small estate of Monte da Casteleja, 10 minutes away from Lagos, where feet treading is still done at the yearly harvest.

Go if: you’re keen on organic wines. All wines at Monte da Casteleja are farmed organic; this means they’re produced by agricultural methods that guarantee the preservation of the environment, biodiversity and the future of the earth.

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Adega do Cantor

Probably the best-known vineyard of the Algarve, Adega do Cantor actually consists of three estates: Quinta do Moinho, Quinta do Miradouro and Vale do Sobreiro. Together, they attract around 17,000 visitors and produce about 125,000 bottles a year. Adega do Cantor is located in Guia, directly behind Algarve Shopping.

Go if: you want to see Sir Cliff Richard picking grapes or cleaning fermentation vats. (Disclaimer: he’s not always there). Also go if you want to buy a winery and have £7.5 million – Quinta do Moinho and Quinta do Miradouro are for sale.

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Quinta do Francês

Located in the Odelouca river valley near Silves, Quinta do Francês is a small family estate that was built by the French-Portuguese owners Patrick and Fátima Agostini from nothing in 2002. It might be a bit tricky to find and only has 8 hectares of vineyard (so don’t expect the tour to last the entire afternoon), but this adds to the ‘hidden gem’-feel.

Go if: you’re keen on a small personal estate where friends and neighbours sometimes help to handpick the grapes. Also visit if you also want to check out orange wine – Stella and Nick Downs are neighbours.

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See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine December 2016

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