Vadu Rodrigues

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine August 2017


This month’s Picture Perfect photographer is Vadu Rodrigues (29), who originally comes from Cape Verde. In 2014, Vadu moved to the Algarve, where he now lives in Boliqueime. “When I was 21, I met up with a friend who was a nightlife photographer. I didn’t know anything about photography then, but was interested and asked him if I could try it out. The moment I grabbed the camera, I fell in love with it; that shutter sound went straight to my heart.” So next to his university degree in computer science, Vadu learned about photography in his spare time, from books, websites and YouTube tutorials.

About 3 years ago, he decided to follow his passion and become a professional photographer. Vadu does travel photography as well, but is best known for his nightlife pictures. “I used to go out a lot, but when you’re partying yourself, everything goes so fast, so now I prefer to observe and catch the atmosphere of the night in images. I try to incorporate everything: the fun, the mess, the craziness, the sober and the drunk. I especially like the fact that no moment is the same; I can never recreate exactly the same picture, as people, colours and dance movements always change.”

Vadu about the Algarve: “It’s paradise for me. There are a lot of things going on in summer time – in August it can get quite crazy – but this means there are also a lot of interesting people to photograph. I take pictures at Matt’s bar in Albufeira, which is great as there I have the creative freedom to photograph whatever I think is beautiful. I also love their summer sunset boats parties; you’re at sea with good vibes, taking pictures of people who are enjoying themselves. For six months of the year, I get to see and photograph the most amazing sunsets; that’s quite hard to beat.”


Nightlife photography:

This month’s Picture Perfect shows a party in Matt’s bar in Albufeira. It was taken on a NIKON D7100 camera with an Sigma 18-35 lens. Settings: f/1.8, 0.5sec, ISO: 100. Like this pic? See more on Vadu’s website.

Want to try and make a perfect picture like this one as well? Here are Vadu’s top three tips:

1. Never forget your flash. Ever. When photographing people at night time, having an external flashgun with you is mandatory. I usually take two, just in case one breaks.

2. Be patient. Both with the people you’re photographing, who will often be drunk and sometimes spill their drinks on you, and with taking pictures. You can’t force great moments; sometimes the best pictures only happen at the end of the night.

3. Don’t be shy. As a nightlife photographer you’ll need to interact with strangers, so it’s very important that you aren’t shy. Instead, go up and talk to them, interact and, above all, have fun. While taking pictures, I often get into people’s personal space, so I make some jokes to make them feel comfortable. If people feel uncomfortable, it shows in the pictures.


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine August 2017

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