Saudade: the love that remains

It’s one of the hardest words to translate, yet it says a lot about the Portuguese culture. What exactly is saudade and how is it linked to fado and fishermen? Enjoy the Algarve investigates.  See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine November 2017   First of all: saudade doesn’t mean you’re sad. […]

5 tips to understand saudade

Some words just don’t really translate into another language. Like the Dutch ‘gezellig’, the German ‘Fernweh’ and the Inuit ‘iktsuarpok’. Or the Portuguese ‘saudade’. For the Portuguese, this feeling of longing, melancholy and nostalgia is ingrained in their culture. How to understand this concept as a foreigner? Enjoy the Algarve gives five tips. Bonus tip […]