Stuck in Faro?

Your hotel kicks you out at 11am, but your flight doesn’t leave until 11pm. Brilliant! Get your canoe/kayak/(SUP)-board out of your suitcase and go for a paddle on the Ria Formosa. Don’t have a board in your hand baggage and/or don’t want to get wet? Here are three other things to do close to Faro airport. 

(Not leaving the Algarve? Do read this article anyway. It might come in handy when you’re picking friends up from the airport and their flight has been delayed for three hours. Which occasionally happens).

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine August 2017


Soak up that sun on Praia de Faro

Why? Because unless you’re going to Egypt or Morocco, there’s a high chance it won’t be so sunny at your destination. Also: because it’s only 5 minutes away from the airport by car, so even doable if you only have half an hour to kill.

What? Sun, sea, some restaurants.

Where? Praia de Faro is located just southwest of the airport, about 4km away. Look up when walking on the beach and you’ll see the planes prepare for landing and take-off.

How? On the airport roundabout, turn west and just follow the signs to Praia de Faro. Or catch bus 14 or 16 from the airport (in the summer months, there’s an extra bus 17 which also goes there). At Praia de Faro, the bus stop is on the bridge, so you’ll have to walk about 200m to get to the beach.


Shop ‘til you drop in Forum Algarve

Why? Because you still have some room in your luggage. Or because you need to pick up some last minute souvenirs. (Or because it rains and you’re bored).

What? 100 shops, 20 restaurants, even a cinema.

Where? Forum Algarve is located just northeast of the airport, about 5km away. All shops are open from 10h to 23h (even until midnight in July and August). There are several screens in the shopping centre that display up-to-date flight info.

How? Just follow the signs to Faro centre. It’s on the IC4, on the left just before the city centre. Alternatively, get bus 14 or 16 and get off when you see Forum Algarve.


Wander through Faro’s old town

Why? Because you want a last taste of orange trees, cobbled streets, nesting storks, pink-red bougainvillea and old doorways. Or because when arriving in the Algarve you were in such a rush to get to the beach that you forgot to check out Faro’s cidade velha.

What? Faro cathedral (great views over the Ria Formosa), Capela dos Ossos (yes, a chapel full of bones), old Roman city walls. Plus of course plenty of shops and restaurants. For more info about what to do in Faro, check out this article.

Where? Faro’s old town is located east of the airport, about 6km away. Planes will fly overhead as you wander through the charming town centre.

How? Just follow the signs to Faro center when going by car. Parking is easiest (and free) on the Largo de São Francisco. By bus: take bus 14 or 16.


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine August 2017

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