Before moving to the area, Enjoy the Algarve thought that Salir was a sleepy town. Now, we know for sure that it is. But its gorgeous natural surroundings make it a pleasant place to slow your pace and relax. Loulé and São Brás are nearby if you fancy some more action. Going to Salir? Read here what not to miss!

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine October 2016

Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez


Walk through town

Salir isn’t that big, so this won’t take long. On the main road, there’s Apisalir, a shop that sells local produce and beekeeping supplies. The area around the main church is also worth a visit: it offers panoramic views as well as poetry about the town by Joaquim da Barrada. If you’re in Salir in springtime, go to the flower-filled Festa da Espiga which takes place 40 days after Easter and is all about celebrating the beauty of the countryside. In summer, check out the medieval festival Salir do Tempo.


See the castle ruins

Actually, there isn’t much (read: hardly anything) left of Salir’s Moorish castle. However, the road towards the castelo is pretty, filled with flowers and cute cottages. You get in via the Pólo Museológico de Salir, which is a tiny museum with a glass floor that allows you to see the remains of the castle’s foundations. As a friendly local tells us laughingly: “It’s pretty much a virtual castle.”


Splash in the Fonte Benémola

Located close to Salir, between Querença and Tôr, are the natural water springs of Fonte Benémola, home to turtles and other wildlife. Kids will love searching for tiny fish in the river. There’s a circular walk, stepping stones and plenty of picnic tables, so take some food if you’re planning to stay a while. Water is flowing the whole year round, but obviously the river is more impressive in winter time.


Visit Alte

The nearby village of Alte offers a waterfall (which dries up in the summer), fontes (read: a great opportunity to feed some ducks) and poetry by its most famous inhabitant (that’s Cândido Guerreiro in case you’re wondering). It’s a 15 minutes’ drive from Salir; to get there, just follow the N124 to the west. Want to know what to do there? Read this article in our May issue.


Make felt slippers

In the neighbouring village of Penina, artist Manoli Ortiz de la Torre (pictured) does eco-printing and gives felt workshops. Learn to make a hat, slippers or decorative flowers out of Merino wool. Curious? Wait for Enjoy the Algarve’s November issue in which we try out making felt slippers.


Take a hike in the countryside

The Via Algarviana, a 300km long pedestrian trail that runs all the way from Alcoutim to Cabo de São Vicente, passes by Salir. It’s possible to walk parts of this trail which is well signposted and offers lovely views of the countryside. Another option is the Rocha da Pena walk. Starting in Penina, this hike features limestone rocks, plenty of wildlife, and lots of flowers in springtime. The area is also popular with trail runners and cyclists. Exploring the region can be done by buggy as well.


Meditate at the stupa

North from Salir, high in the hills of Moinho do Malhão, lies Humkara Dzong, a Tibetan Buddhism Centre. Its stupa, a monument representing the mind of all enlightened beings, is a good place to meditate. Do so by practising Kora; walking clockwise around the stupa while keeping positive thoughts in your mind. Alternatively, just enjoy the views.


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine October 2016

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