Portuguese up your home

With IKEA in Loulé offering bargain home decorations by the billion, we prefer doing something different. Go traditional and add a touch of Portugal to your home. How? By using azulejos, calçadas, and an Algarvian chimney. Now Enjoy the Algarve isn’t a home-deco-trends expert, but we do know that this year, it’s time to go Portuguese! 

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine June 2017

(Living in a rental property? You might want to ask the landlord first before stripping off that ugly wallpaper and going crazy with azulejos. Or not. Surprise!).


Put an Algarvian chimney on your roof

What? Called chaminé Algarvia in Portuguese, Algarvian chimneys are typical of this region. Although they’re described as a Moorish influence, the Arabs didn’t actually built chimneys while they were here occupying the place. Often ornamental and traditionally chalk-white, the chimneys come in all sort of shapes. Want to see another example? Go to page 12 or just look up next time you’re walking through an Algarvian village.

Where? On the roof of course, where else? Afraid of heights? Make one on top of your outside BBQ oven.

Why? Cause it looks cool. Duh. Or, maybe because you’re a massive show-off as originally, back in the 17th and 18th century, these chimneys were a symbol of wealth. The more money you had, the more elaborate the design of the chimney would be.


Pave the floor with calçadas

What? Calçada portuguesa is traditional Portuguese pavement. Want to know more? Have a look around in the pedestrian zone of basically any Algarvian city or read this.

Where? Since it’s pavement, you might want to try putting it on the floor. Don’t want to break open the floor of your house just yet? Do a bit in the garden first.

Why? Because it’s slippery when wet and a f*ckload of work. Oh, no, those are the disadvantages. Right. Uhm, because it’s easier to clean than a carpet?  Better reason: it looks awesome and you can make all kinds of images by using just black and white stones. Also: floor mosaic simply rocks (pun intended).


Plaster the walls with azulejos

What? Azulejos are square tin-glazed painted ceramic tiles. In the 17th and 18th century, they were the face of Portuguese architecture. Want to know more? Read this. In need of inspiration? Visit the São Lourenço church in Almancil; its interior is totally covered in the blue-white tiles.

Where? Living room wall, kitchen wall, bedroom wall, bathroom wall, outside wall, cloakroom wall, drawing room wall. You get the picture. If you’re really an azulejos-enthusiast, also stick them on your floors and ceiling. (Don’t blame us if the result gives you a headache and/or makes you feel like you’ve eaten too many magic mushrooms).

Why? Apart from looking pretty, azulejos also help to control the temperature in rooms and protect against damp, heat and noise.


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine June 2017

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