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The perks of the job? Definitely cake!

See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine August 2016

This month’s Picture Perfect photographers are Jelena Roganovic (34) and Matthew Ashwell (41), who both studied photography. Originally from Canada (Lena) and the UK (Matt), the couple moved to Alvor three years ago where they got married and set up Matt + Lena Photography. They specialise in weddings.

“It offers lots of creative freedom. It’s important to capture the mood as well as the scene; when looking at the photos, people should feel the emotion of the day. We let events unfold naturally, taking a documentary approach with a cinematic touch. Weddings are full of emotion, which is wonderful. It’s also rewarding to know that these pictures will be valued for generations.” Any other perks of the job? “Definitely cake!”

Many couples travel to the Algarve for a seaside destination wedding. This is most popular in the central Algarve region, but recently Matt & Lena have seen trends of people venturing further west and east, exploring beyond the main touristy areas.

Matt & Lena on photography in the Algarve: “There’s so much beauty to capture here: the covey beaches of the south, the long wild west coast, the rustic fishing villages: interesting colours and patterns everywhere. We love the mountains of Monchique, the nature and ruins – most of all we love the light and all the sunshine. We also like Sagres and the wild, rough, windy coast north of there, it’s quiet and beautiful; unexplored.”


Wedding photography:

This month’s Picture Perfect shows the wedding of Zoe and Elliott at Carvoeiro beach. It was taken on a Cannon 5D Mark III, 24mm. Settings: F14, S/160, ISO 160. Like this pic? See more on Matt & Lena’s site.

Want to try and make a perfect picture as well? Here are Matt & Lena’s top tips on wedding photography:

  1. Try to seek inspiration outside of wedding photography. Look at other mediums like paintings or cinematography, and works of fashion, landscape, or photojournalism to inspire your next shoot.
  2. Prepare your couple. Share your knowledge and give them advice about the shoot. Advise them about best times for photos, explain how you work and what you’ll need from them. Be involved in their planning and make sure they set aside ample time for family photos and bride & groom portraits.
  3. Know your gear inside out and keep it simple. Having your technique down takes practice; your camera should be an extension of your eye. If you’re fumbling with camera settings, you’re not properly engaged with your couple and could be missing key moments.

The wedding of Zoe and Elliott at Carvoeiro beach by Matt & Lena


See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine August 2016

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