It’s all about image nowadays. So forget about Portugal’s massive unemployment rate, the many abandoned dogs and cats here, and the fact that you’ve been showering with cold water for the last ten days as your boiler still isn’t fixed. Instead, show how cool your Algarve life is and how brilliant a time you’re having. Here are three sample situations for boasting on social media; feel free to copy, paste and insert yourself.

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine March 2017


Scene: show that your life is better than that of all those people who are working in an office.

Where: anywhere with yellow sand. Rock formations or palm tree umbrellas are a plus.

Caption: ‘Working hard on my tan: just another day in the Algarvian paradise’

Hashtags: #onthebeach, #beachlife, #passmethefactor30, #wherearemyshades, #sorrynotsorry

Extra: a cocktail, ‘cause you’ve earned it baby. Or, if you’re going on the ‘I’m so fit and healthy’-tour, go for a smoothie (but make it a green one so everyone can see that it’s healthy) and a surfboard in the background.


Scene: show that you’re not a tourist, but a traveller or fully integrated local.

Where: anywhere that looks vaguely inland will do. Just pick a shabby-looking half-deserted Algarvian village. Road signs are good, as long as they don’t mention places like Albufeira, Lagos or Portimão.

Caption: ‘Discovering the authentic Algarve while experiencing the real Portugal’

Hashtags: #offthebeatentrack, #therealAlgarve, #notbeingatourist, #socialisingwiththelocals, #uniqueexploring

Extra: a Portuguese local. An old one adds to the authentic-factor, but make sure their clothes don’t have holes in them and they’re smiling with their mouth shut so you can’t see their missing teeth.


Scene: show that you’re a very spiritual and mindful person by looking out over sea.

Where: anywhere on the coast. Balance some stones on top of each other for extra mindfulness points.

Caption: ‘Feeling mindful, humble and in touch with energy while staring out over the sea in the Algarve’

Hashtags: #feelingsospiritual, #mindfulness, #endlesswater, #connectedtonature, #seeingthesea

Extra: a yoga pose, either by yourself or by some random other person as long as they look flexible and/or pretty. Also good: a heart. Draw one in the sand or make a heart sign with your hands while capturing the sunset in the background.


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine March 2017

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