José Ramos

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine March 2017


The Portuguese José Ramos (34) has always been passionate about nature and art creation. José: “One day, 11 years ago, I decided to buy a simple compact camera to capture snapshots. However, in a strongly unconscious way, I found myself occasionally making photos purely for aesthetic value, rather than just documenting events. I posted some of them on an online art community and to my huge surprise, feedback on these images was extremely encouraging. All of a sudden I became absolutely addicted to this craft.”

All of José’s pictures are titled and come with a reflecting quote. The photographer explains: “It’s very pleasant when someone extracts value from both the image and the concept behind it. Most of all, though, I want my work to follow the remarkable quote from the Sense8 series, ‘Art is Love made Public’.” He’s best known for his long exposure land- and seascapes: “It’s always a fascinating experience to turn one chaotic image made of wild sequenced waves, into a serene and subtle long exposure landscape, with that classic smooth water effect.”

José: “I’ve spent a lot of time capturing Algarve landscapes because I’ve always had a strong connection with the region. My parents live in Portimão which allowed me to discover the Algarve’s cliffs and exquisite beaches. It’s hard to choose a favourite place, but I’d go with Ponta da Piedade in Lagos, Alvor’s beaches and Cordoama/Castelejo in the Costa Vicentina. The Algarve’s western coastline offers some of the best seascapes in the world, making it an extremely underrated location that deserves worldwide recognition!”


Landscape photography:

This month’s Picture Perfect is called ‘Hope. Abandon your worn toxic clothes, and build a new beginning.’ It was taken in Alvor on a Sony a77 with Sigma 10-20mm lens. Settings: f/11, 30 sec, ISO: 150. Like this pic? See more on José’s website:
Want to try and make a perfect picture like this one as well? Below are José’s top three tips:

  1. Find the right light. This should always be first priority. Many people ask about Photoshop effects on good landscape images, ignoring that most images are the product of spending many hours in cold and harsh conditions, during sunrise or sunset, the only times when light and colours get really intense.
  2. Choose proper gear for landscape shooting. Fortunately it’s not about spending a lot of money, but rather about choosing your equipment wisely. Focus on ergonomics and reliability, so the gear becomes an extension of you.
  3. Persistence always pays off. I’ve had to return many times to the same place until conditions were just right to get the best possible shot. There are endless variables when shooting landscapes, including light orientation, tide height, cloud coverage, rain, winds, etc., etc., so you need to be patient and, first of all, just enjoy being there!

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine March 2017

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