Actually, the place itself isn’t that special (too many holiday apartment blocks). However, due to its location on the N125, it makes a good base for those wanting to explore the more touristy side of the Algarve. Planning to visit Guia and surroundings this summer? Enjoy the Algarve tells you what to do!

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine June 2016

Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez


Explore the town

This probably won’t take long as there isn’t that much in Guia worth exploring (better go to Loulé if you’re into pretty town centres). The historical town centre consists of just a few streets and can be seen in mere minutes, a bit longer if you want to go inside the churches. Worth a look is the Mercado Municipal which is also seriously tiny and built around a little courtyard.


Find a secluded cave

Praia da Galé is less than 10 minutes driving from Guia and the main reason why people visit this region. It’s where the rocky coast starts and where holidaymakers capture jealousy invoking shots of golden sands and crashing waves. It will get very busy in summer, but the rocks dividing the beaches into bays ensure enough secluded spots. Other nearby beaches include Lourenço and Praia do Castelo.


Shop ’til you drop

With over a hundred stores, Algarve Shopping is one of the biggest shopping centres in the Algarve. It’s got cinemas, a food court, a supermarket and everything from Accessorize to Zara. It’s not the place to go if you fancy authentic Algarvian culture, but it sells everything you could possible need for a day on the beach (and it also makes for a good place against boredom if it rains).

Opening times of the shops: 10am-midnight in summer, 10am-11pm in winter, seven days a week.


Cuddle a dolphin

Or stroke a seal, starfish or parrot. There are dozens of animals in Zoomarine, which is located a few minutes’ drive from Albufeira on the N125. With animal shows, amusement rides, a beach and lots of ice-cream for sale, kids will love this place. Enjoy the Algarve tried interacting with dolphins, read the article in our August 2015 issue.


Eat piri-piri chicken

In the ‘frango capital of the Algarve’, it’s hard to find a restaurant which doesn’t sell chicken piri-piri. All claim to be the most authentic/original/famous/real/best… (add some other fancy adjective here) with the most experience in making this quintessential Portuguese family meal. You’re probably best off going to a place that’s full of locals. Or, if you’re a real frango fan, try them all and let us know which one’s the winner.


Stare at skulls

Human bones and skulls, taken from the old churchyard cemetery. That’s what makes up the inside walls of bone chapel in Alcantarilha, located next to the main church, the igreja matriz nossa senhora da conceição. The chapel isn’t big –best to enter one person at a time- and you can’t actually get close to the bones because of the fence. A bigger bone chapel can be found in Faro, but do visit this one if you’re driving through Alcantarilha anyway as it’s pretty macabre.


See sand sculptures

Need some inspiration before creating a coastal masterpiece with bucket and spade? Then visit FIESA, which is located in the nearby village of Pêra. Enjoy the Algarve visited this international sand sculpture festival already in the summer of 2015, read the article here. Although plans were that the exposition would have been relocated by now, it’s still close to Guia.


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine June 2016

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