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There are plenty of high speed activities in the Algarve. No, we’re not going to name them all, you’re pretty capable of doing a Google-search by yourself. What we will do, however, is up the momentum by giving you some tips to go even faster next time.

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine February 2017



What? It’s basically sailing on land. Or windsurfing in a buggy with wheels. Or probably a lot like participating in the Star Wars pod race on Tattooine. Still don’t get it? Look at the picture and use your imagination.

How fast? The average speed first-timers will reach on the track near Vila do Bispo is about 30km/h. However, the maximum speed measured on this Algarve track is over double of that: 69 km/h. Real racing devils should go to the Nevada desert in the USA, where speeds of 100km/h have been reached while eco-karting.

Even faster? Choose a kart with a big sail, go when there’s loads of wind and make sure to pull the rope tight.

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What? Riding a horse. Or, as the boyfriend calls it: hurting your private parts while trying to stay seated on an animal that’s dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle.

How fast? That all depends on the gait: walking (6km/h) and trotting (15km/h) is slower than galloping (which averages about 45km/h). The world fastest speed record for a race horse is 70.8km/h. Don’t even think about reaching that speed on a hack in the Algarve – it’s thoroughbred quarter-mile racing with a jockey who knows what he/she’s doing tempo.

Even faster? Lose some weight and choose a fast horse. You might also want to use a whip or kick the horse, but that’s not very nice for the horse. Alternatively, try dangling a carrot in front of its nose.

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What? Pretend to be James Bond or Tom Cruise and enter the Algarve by hanging from a steel cable which crosses over the Guadiana river into Alcoutim.

How fast? Depending on your weight and the wind direction (wind from the west slows you down, whereas wind from the east speeds you up), speeds of 75km/h aren’t uncommon.

Even faster? Go when there’s lots of wind coming from the east, stretch your legs while on the ride (instead of bending them) and gain some weight beforehand (but make sure you don’t weigh more than 110 kilos as then you’re not allowed to zipline anymore). Extreme speed devils will have to head to Penrhyn Slate Quarry in Wales (UK), which is home to the fastest zip line in the world with speeds exceeding 160km/h.

More info? Check out the article in our June 2015 issue.


What? Racing in a go-kart. In the Algarve this is possible in Almancil, Olhão and at the Kartódromo Internacional do Algarve which is located near Portimão.

How fast? That depends on the type of kart, but speeds of up to 70km/h aren’t uncommon for a rental kart. That’s on the straight bits though – try keeping this speed on the corners and you’ll end up in the tyres that are stacked on the sides of the track before you can even think about slamming on the brakes.

Even faster? Choose the right lines on the circuit so you don’t have to brake too much. Also the type of kart is pretty important; you’ll go faster in a light kart with a powerful engine.

More info? Go to page 15 in the original magazine for the article about karting.


Catamaran sailing

What? Sailing a catamaran. That’s some kind of boat, you landlubber!

How fast? That’s not an easy question as there are all kinds of catamaran types (sport/cruising/ocean racing), the wind plays a huge role and to make it even more complicated, sailing speeds are usually measured in knots, so times 1.852. To give you an idea, the Extreme 40 catamaran can sail at 65km/h in 37–46 km/h winds whereas the high-performance International C-Class Catamaran can sail at twice the speed of the wind. Realistically, you’ll be going anywhere between 10 and 40km/h although it looks and feels a lot faster on the water.

Even faster? Go when there’s loads of wind, choose a fast catamaran with a huge sail and pull those ropes tight. Knowing what you’re doing (and/or following the advice of a professional sailor) helps a lot as well.

More info? Check out the article in our July 2016 issue.

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine February 2017

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