It’s one of Enjoy the Algarve’s favourite places in the whole of Portugal. An old fishermen’s town, relatively unspoilt by tourism, where life still revolves around sea, salt and fishing. If you’re in the east Algarve, make sure to spend a day in Fuseta. What to do when you’re there? Read on!

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine July 2016

Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez unless stated otherwise


Have a coffee in the plaza

After you’ve explored the small town of Fuseta, be sure to stop off for a coffee in the Praça da República. This main square is the meeting point for both locals and tourists. From early morning to late evening, important matters and village gossip are discussed over a bica, galão or a beer.


Spot flamingos in the salt pans

Because Fuseta is surrounded by the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve, it’s a great place to spot all kinds of birds. In the salt pans near the village, apart from flor de sal and huge white salt mountains in the harvesting season, you might see a flock of flamingos feeding in the shallow wetland. Other bird species you’re likely to encounter are the black-winged stilt, the spoonbill and the white stork. Keen birdwatchers should take binoculars.

Picture below by Marijke Verschuren


Take a ferry to the island

From March to October, regular ferries depart from Fuseta’s harbour to the eastern side of Ilha da Armona. This island consists of a long stretch of sand (9km). It offers access to the Atlantic and in summer time there are some bars close to the ferry’s drop-off point.

It’s also possible to take a water taxi from Fuseta to Praia do Homem Nu, a nudist beach on the western end of Ilha de Tavira. Afraid of waves? Stick to the the lagoon side or don’t bother with the boat trip at all and instead stay on Fuseta’s own beach, which has a café.


Snorkel with seahorses

The Ria Formosa Nature Reserve is home to the largest seahorse population in the world. No surprise then that Fuseta is the best place to snorkel with these cute marine creatures. But be warned: finding a Hippocampus is harder than you might think. Enjoy the Algarve has tried this, read the article in our July 2015 issue. Spotting dolphins is also possible (if you’re lucky), but this can be best done on the open sea with a boat tour.

Picture below by Marijke Verschuren



Or canoeing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, skimboarding, sailing or swimming. Despite the place not being very touristy, there are many water-based activities on offer in Fuseta, so take your pick. Want to know what to expect when you try Stand Up Paddleboarding? Read the article in our September 2015 issue.


Watch fishermen mend their nets

A large part of the Algarve’s population still lives off fishing, and this is also the case in Fuseta. Fishermen can be seen mending their nets and sorting out their catch in their small wooden cottages, octopus pots and lobster traps stacked together in front of the doors. Add to that cats fighting over scraps while equally keen seagulls hover over the moored up boats and the place feels romantically authentic (that is, if you don’t mind the smell of fish).


Sample some seafood

Come early in the day and you’ll be able to buy fresh fish on Fuseta’s small market. Fancy eating out instead? Choose one of the many restaurants close to the harbour who all do a €10 deal (expect to pay a bit more in August) for appetizer, drink, coffee and of course a freshly grilled robalo or dourada with plenty of garlic, salad and fries/potatoes. The décor isn’t that posh (plastic chairs crammed together on what seems a parking lot), but the fish is excellent!


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine July 2016


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