5 hippie alternatives

Don’t have a VW campervan (yet)? Want to try out the lifestyle before turning into a real hippie? Spend a night in one of these five Algarvian alternatives to see if the natural, nomadic, no worries way of living is something for you. 

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine March 2017

Picture above by Eco Lodge Brejeira


1. Yurt

What: Mongolian yurts are a bit like tipis, but a lot warmer. They were originally built to withstand the cold Mongolian winters and even come with their own wood burner. With inner dimensions of about 26m², a yurt is perfect for people who are worried camping in a van might be a bit too cramped.

For: space & comfort loving hippies

Where: at Vida Pura (pictured) in Moinho das Canas (near Odeceixe).


2. Treehouse

What: a house that’s built in a tree. Yes, you have to climb to get into your accommodation, but no, you can’t possibly get any closer to nature. Pretend to be Tarzan and/or Jane and listen to the birds chirping just outside your bedroom.

For: back to nature eco hippies

Where: there’s a treehouse at Walnut Tree Farm, east of Aljezur, which isn’t the one on this picture.


3. Firevan

What: once upon a time this red and white coloured firevan was used as an ambulance for the German fire brigade. Now, it’s a campervan with kitchen and a sitting area which can be transformed into a double bed.

For: playful wagon hippies

Where: at Eco Lodge Brejeira, located north of Silves. Want something a bit bigger? They also have a gypsy van (see intro picture).


4. Tipi

What: traditionally, native Americans would make tipis out of wooden poles and animal skins. Nowadays, it seems like ‘tipi’ is just a cooler word for any cone-shaped tent. Spending the night in a tipi falls under glamorous camping, aka ‘glamping’.

For: cool camping hippies

Where: glamping is possible everywhere in the Algarve. From original tipis to bell tents and safari lodges, just decide which type you want and do a google search. Alternative: buy a ‘normal’ tent, add a dreamcatcher, and stay on a campsite.


5. Camper

What: the classic VW T2 camper is the quintessential hippie vehicle. A hippie without a VW T2 is like a party without gin-tonic. Or yin without yang. Or something like that. Long story short: it’s a must for any self-respecting hippies.

For: ultimate hippies who want to try before they buy

Where: rent one, for example at Siesta Campers(pictured) and you can take it anywhere in the Algarve. Can’t get more free spirited than that.


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine March 2017

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