Drug of choice: adrenaline

Want to test your nerves, strength and agility? Face your fear of heights? Or just do something a bit more extreme than going for a walk in the countryside? Check out these three adventurous activities.

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine October 2017


Ultralight flying

What: Get into what looks (and sounds) like a lawnmower with wings and see the Algarve from above. Don’t worry, you don’t have to fly the aircraft yourself!

Where: Ultralight flying is done from Marim near Olhão. For more info & contact details, click here.

Prepare: By having a look at the map and familiarising yourself with the Ria Formosa nature reserve and its surroundings. Having already seen the streets, villages and islands from a ‘normal perspective’ makes seeing them from the sky even more fun.

Don’t forget: A camera with a wrist strap. Seeing as you won’t be flying the plane (unless you’ve got a microlight licence), you’ve got plenty of great photo opportunities.


Bungee jumping

What: Jump from a large structure with an elastic cord tied to your feet.

Where: Get yourself to Albufeira Marina where you can even dip your head in the water during your jump. This water touch bungee jump is brought to Portugal by Carlos Mosca Dionisio, the guy who in 2008 jumped off a 30m tower attached to a bungee cord made entirely of 18,500 condoms.

Prepare: By looking at some of the videos at their Facebook site and seeing if you’re up for it. It’d be a shame to turn back when you’re already standing on the 50m high platform…

Don’t forget: To triple-check if the rope is securely tied to your feet. Actually, make that quadruple-check.

Picture below by Simon Steinberger


Rock climbing

What: Push and pull yourself to new heights by climbing up natural rock formations. Either by climbing bolted routes (secured with ropes and harnesses) or by bouldering (climbing low routes on small rocks without equipment).

Where: The Sagres area is best known for rock climbing in the Algarve. But also good is Rocha da Pena, near Salir, with 15 climbing sections and difficulty grades from 4 to 8b.

Prepare: By reading up about what sort of rocks crumble and which don’t. Also: get some climbing route maps from the guys at AMEA, (the Associação de Montanhismo e Escalada do Algarve).

Don’t forget: Chalk for your hands and good climbing shoes.

Picture below by Ricardo Alves


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine October 2017

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