The seaside town is famous for its Black & White Night; a yearly street and beach party that’s held in early summer and attracts ten thousands of visitors.  (Sounds good? The next one’s on 16 June 2018). What to do when you’re in the area of Carvoeiro for the rest of the year? Enjoy the Algarve suggests […]


Every year in the beginning of May, Estoi comes alive during the Festa da Pinha, which involves music, parades and lots of people on horseback carrying burning torches. But also on other dates there’s enough to see in this countryside village. What to do in Estoi and surroundings? Enjoy the Algarve suggests these seven things.  […]


Originally, it was a small fishermen’s village. Now, it has turned into a cluster of holiday cottages, all surrounding a sandy beach that’s enclosed by cliffs. Still, Burgau’s traditional charm hasn’t disappeared and the village on the south-eastern edge of the Costa Vicentina national park makes for a pleasant visit, particularly outside the high season. […]


A Portuguese description of Moncarapacho will likely include the word ‘calma’. Apart from when the carnival is on in February, this inland town is pretty chilled out. Agricultural, rather than touristic, with lots of figs, olives, oranges and carob beans growing in the surrounding area. What to do in and around Moncarapacho? Enjoy the Algarve […]


Despite the many high rise hotels, its fishing heritage is clearly visible in the Algarve’s second largest town; from roundabout sculptures to murals in the town centre, fishing and canning can be seen everywhere. Going to Portimão? Enjoy the Algarve recommends doing these things. See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine August 2017   Explore […]


In the most north-western part of the Algarve, separated from the Alentejo by the river Seixe, you’ll find Odeceixe. This town is famous for being a part of the Costa Vicentina natural park and for having a river-wrapped beach. Enjoy the Algarve has a look and discovers what else there’s to do in the area. […]

São Marcos da Serra

Honey making, goat herding, bread baking, mushroom searching, pig keeping and liquor brewing. All these traditional activities are still practised in São Marcos da Serra and surroundings. Enjoy the Algarve visits the small village close to the Alentejo border and tells you what not to miss. See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine […]


Step into relaxation modus the moment you step off the ferry (/sailing boat/canoe/water taxi). Ilha da Armona, one of the Algarve’s islands, is a place to escape to if you’re longing for sun, sea & sand plus some peace and quiet. Heading over to Armona this summer? (You’ll want to after reading this article). Enjoy […]


Officially called São Bartolomeu de Messines, the inland town of Messines (that’s what the locals call it) lies between Silves and Alte. It’s the birthplace of poet João de Deus. Nearby you’ll also find hikes and a cool James Bond style dam. Enjoy the Algarve discovers the entire Messines area. See the original article in Enjoy […]

Olhos de Água

Quick, visit before the summer months bring along thousands of tourists. The village isn’t that special, but the beach of Olhos de Água is too pretty (and way too small) to share with masses of other sun seekers. Enjoy the Algarve explores the area and tells you what not to miss. See the original article […]


Ameixial is known to most people as the place to go for walks in the countryside, especially during the yearly walking festival. But it’s more than that; Ameixial also offers a look into authentic rural Portuguese village life. Plans to visit? Enjoy the Algarve tells you what not to miss! See the original article in Enjoy […]


Also if you aren’t a surfdude or boardbabe with a VW campervan, Carrapateira is worth a visit. Planning to spend a day in the village and its surroundings in the wild western Algarve? Read here what not to miss! See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine January 2017 Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez   Explore […]

Castro Marim

It has got a Medieval castle, a nature reserve, traditional handicrafts and a salt spa. Plus, it’s compact enough to see all this in under a day. Added bonus: Spain is only a stone’s throw away and the beach isn’t too far either. What are you waiting for? Visit Castro Marim – here’s what not […]


Part of the so-called Golden Triangle, Almancil is the place to get info about expensive properties, concierge services or villa management (whatever that may be). Is it also a great place to stay for a couple of days? Not really (read: no, it isn’t). But it does have some interesting surroundings. So if you’re in […]


Before moving to the area, Enjoy the Algarve thought that Salir was a sleepy town. Now, we know for sure that it is. But its gorgeous natural surroundings make it a pleasant place to slow your pace and relax. Loulé and São Brás are nearby if you fancy some more action. Going to Salir? Read here what […]

São Brás de Alportel

North of Faro, located in the Barrocal region, São Brás de Alportel is known as the birthplace of the Moorish poet Ibn Ammar. It’s also the place to admire flower carpets on Easter Sunday. But what else is there to do in São Brás and surroundings? Read on! See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – […]


Beach, bars, museums, shops, history, nightlife, plenty of outdoor activities and a very charming old town that’s surrounded by ancient city walls. Lagos has got it all. OK, it’s a touristy place, but it offers easy access to the desolated beaches of the western Algarve for those fed up with paying 3 euros for a […]


It’s one of Enjoy the Algarve’s favourite places in the whole of Portugal. An old fishermen’s town, relatively unspoilt by tourism, where life still revolves around sea, salt and fishing. If you’re in the east Algarve, make sure to spend a day in Fuseta. What to do when you’re there? Read on! See the original […]


Actually, the place itself isn’t that special (too many holiday apartment blocks). However, due to its location on the N125, it makes a good base for those wanting to explore the more touristy side of the Algarve. Planning to visit Guia and surroundings this summer? Enjoy the Algarve tells you what to do! See the […]


Some villages are cute; Alte is definitely one of them. Located in the steep hills (road inclination can reach 13%) of the Serra do Caldeirão, it’s surrounded by fields of flowers and orange trees. It was the birthplace of poet Cândido Guerreiro and is best known for its fontes, natural springs. Enjoy the Algarve tells […]


A long time ago, when Silves was still called Xelb, it was the capital of the Algarve. Back then, the region was ruled by the Moors and called Al-Gharb. Nowadays, the inland city is a must visit destination in August, when the Medieval Festival is on, but also worth a trip any other time of […]


If you’d summarise a day in Alcoutim using just four words, it’d be something like ‘relaxing on the riverside’. Located in the north-eastern part of the Algarve, with only the Guadiana as Spanish border, life in the small town flows as gently as the river does. Enjoy the Algarve spends a chilled out day in […]


Visit the Serra do Caldeirão in early spring, as temperatures are still pleasant instead of scorching hot. Enjoy the Algarve spends a day in Cachopo, a tiny village where time seems to have stood still and old rural traditions such as weaving, blacksmithing and saddle making are proudly kept alive. When visiting the area, don’t miss these […]


High up in the northwest corner of the Algarve, you’ll find Aljezur. Enjoy the Algarve spends a day in the green valley town and its surroundings and finds out what there is to do and see. Don’t miss these six things when visiting! See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine January 2016 Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez   Buy some […]