All-over paintjob

Remember finger painting as a kid, when getting yourself covered in the stuff was more fun than the actual act of colouring? Well, there’s no need for the fun to stop when you grow up. Enjoy the Algarve talks to Loulé-based bodypaint artist Uschi Kuhn about what it takes to transform a human canvas into […]

Plant power

The Algarve is full of wild herbs and flowers. And apart from pretty, these shrubs are also useful. Herbalist Fernanda Botelho travels across Portugal, sharing plant stories, creating herb gardens in schools and bringing back herbal memories in old people´s homes. She’s an expert on the healing power of plants and has published various books on […]

No clothes needed

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine May 2016 Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez unless stated otherwise   It has nothing to do with sex or eroticism, it isn’t only old people practising it and it’s also not just for hippies. The three most common misconceptions about naturism are a lot of bollocks. What […]

Spray art

Most artists create on canvas or paper. Not the Portuguese Dário Silva (29), better known as Sen. Together with his south-African friend Sergio (33), a.k.a. Bean, the Olhão born artist uses the walls of the seaside city as canvas for his creations. Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine […]

How to become an Algarve artist

With its great light, the Algarve draws in all kinds of aspiring artists, from expats fulfilling their lifelong creative dreams to tourists learning new skills on art-themed holidays. But not all those who splatter some paint on a canvas will become the next Picasso. (Or, to lower the bar a bit, sell a painting or […]

Creative colourful cooperative

Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine March 2016 The art on display in Fábrica dos Sentidos has one thing in common: namely that it doesn’t have anything in common. There are incredible intricate one-line-drawings, but also didgeridoos. You’ll find new urban graffiti next to old traditional azulejos. Oh, and […]

Heleen’s happy horses

The Algarve isn’t the best place to be a horse. They’re better off in the green lush valleys of Kazakhstan, where they are considered vital part of the culture. Or Iceland, where they are honoured and admired. Here in the south of Portugal, horses are more likely to be abandoned, tied up with no water […]

Keeping the art of surfing alive

Want to learn how to surf in the Algarve? Easy! Well, not the surfing, but finding some place to learn it. There are dozens of surf schools especially targeted towards beginners and they can help you catch a wave in no time. But those who already know how to pop & paddle have to look […]