Street photography

The light and scenery of the Algarve have been praised by lots of photographers. But perhaps more than the landscapes and beaches, it’s the people here that make for interesting photos. Trying to tell stories with images instead of words, this month Enjoy the Algarve goes for a photo walk in the streets of Loulé. See the […]

Natural luxuries

Not good Wi-Fi, a nearby golf course or easy beach access, but clean air, clean water and clean soil were important to Robert (44) when he was looking for a new home. Together with his donkeys, the German travelled for more than 3000km before settling in the hills near Monchique. Enjoy the Algarve asks Robert about natural living […]

The feelings of fado

Sadness, melancholy and longing, but also happiness and love. A whole range of sentiments are expressed in Portugal’s most popular folk music. Because fado is way more than singing and playing the guitar; it’s telling a story of emotions. Enjoy the Algarve listens. See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine November 2017 […]

Soaring in the sky

Some people go for a walk or play a round of golf in their spare time; others jump off a mountain with a parachute strapped to their back. Rolf von Recklinghausen belongs to the latter category. Enjoy the Algarve asks him about his best flights, his worst crashes, and why he prefers low & slow over higher […]

Getting paid to party – all season long

In summertime, the Algarve gets crowded with tourists; Albufeira especially is known as a place for young people to let their hair down. But it isn’t a holiday for everyone. Enjoy the Algarve talks to bar owner and DJ Matt Moore about long hours, unicorn fancy dress outfits, dealing with drunks and why he blatantly refuses to […]

Inspired by the ocean

Do you love what you’re doing? If not, you might want to follow Charlotte van Berkum’s example and choose to live your dream instead. Enjoy the Algarve meets the surfer girl on Praia da Cordoama and talks about the spirituality of surfing, the energy of mandalas and having the confidence that life will flow like […]

Baked Algarvian earth

Just like snowflakes, no two terracotta tiles made in Vale de Mealhas are exactly the same. You could compare thousands, millions even, but you’ll always find slight variations, mostly in colour nuance. “And that’s precisely the charm of it,” claims Angelo Martins, who, together with his brother Arthur Cavaco, continues the family business of making […]

Proud of Portuguese palms

Traditional, local, authentic, handmade, genuine, 100% Portuguese. Words that sounds great on a label. But is all that’s described as ‘made in Portugal’, really produced in this country? Having spotted some nice inexpensive bags made out of palm leaves, Enjoy the Algarve asks palm weaving expert Maria João Gomes for advice. “If it doesn’t smell […]

Formosa style

Meandering past sandbanks and oyster farms, the journey is as tranquil as the destination. Enjoy the Algarve joins Ricardo Barradas on a Ria Formosa sailing trip to Ilha da Culatra. This fishermen’s island doesn’t have any sort of actual attractions, which is in fact a big part of the attraction.  See the original article in Enjoy […]

Tough enough?

Extreme obstacle races like Spartan Race and Tough Mudder have become pretty popular in the last decades, especially in the UK and USA. Now Portugal joins in the action with Tribal Clash, which will be held in the Algarve end of this month. Enjoy the Algarve wonders how to prepare for an event that promises […]

Algarve survival 101

Shouting ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!’ obviously isn’t going to help when you’re lost in the wilderness. But what is? Since Enjoy the Algarve sucks at reading maps and always explores new roads, we often end up somewhere we don’t know. Better ask Pedro Alves of Escola do Mato how to survive if we’d […]

Live slow, drive slower

Is living in a couple of square metres on wheels while travelling the world as relaxed as it sounds? Enjoy the Algarve meets digital nomads Hedwig Wiebes and Jeroen Bosman in the south of Portugal. “We do worry, but only about where we’ll sleep that night.” All pictures courtesy of Hedwig & Jeroen  See the […]

Friends, not food

Dishes like grilled sardines and pork sausages are very popular in the Algarve. But an increasing number of people prefer to let the animals live and eat something else instead. And yes, there’s more to being vegetarian or vegan than nibbling on a carrot stick. Enjoy the Algarve talks to Melanie Pascual, owner of vegan […]

Put your life on hold and enjoy

There’s more to life than having loads of money and a fancy car. Inner happiness for example. The Swedish Kinga Lundblad (56) is aiming for just that. With her company Leventa she gives Algarve-based conferences which focus on enhancing your emotional intelligence. Enjoy the Algarve talks to Kinga about emotional intelligence and how this leads […]

Playing the didgeridoo

Hippies do it, musicians do it and Aborigines have been doing it for 40,000 years now. Wondering how on earth it’s possible to produce sound by blowing into a long hollow tube, this month, Enjoy the Algarve tries playing the didgeridoo in Penina. See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine March 2017 The […]

Biker’s paradise

Many people ride bicycles in the Algarve. But there’s cycling and there’s cycling. João Jesus and Filipe Baião definitely fall in the more extreme category as they practise enduro and downhill biking. In other words: they jump over roads and cycle with up to 60km/h on trails so steep most normal people would need climbing […]

Living off the land

Going back is the way forward, at least when it comes to farming. Ditch the pesticides and the heavy machinery and work in harmony with nature like they did centuries ago. Organic agriculture is popular again, also in Portugal, where more and more people make a change from supermarket-bought to home-grown. Enjoy the Algarve investigates […]

Bye bye balls

Harsh as it might sound, those testicles will have to come off. Because with thousands of stray dogs in the Algarve, it’s not an option not to neuter your dog. Enjoy the Algarve talks to Kerry Gross and Faith Clements of AEZA, a charitable organisation that gives hundreds of stray dogs in the western Algarve […]

Cleaning the beach

Because rubbish doesn’t belong on a beach. Because Straw Patrol is an awesome initiative. Because fish and birds shouldn’t eat plastic. Because there are still idiots who throw their wrappers and cigarette butts in the sand. Need more reasons? Read on; this month Enjoy the Algarve tries cleaning the beach of Ilha de Faro. See […]

The future’s orange

Name the most important ingredient of wine. Ten to one your answer is grapes. Not always though. Japan and Korea produce plum wine, in Guadeloupe they have banana wine, and in the Odelouca valley near Silves, Nick and Stella Downs make wine out of oranges. Why? “It’s very difficult to find anything that’s as good […]

Nectar from the serra

The honey you buy in supermarkets is mostly mass-manufactured, processed and pasteurised. Shame, as this way all the good qualities disappear. In the Algarve, some beekeepers still produce honey the artisanal way. Enjoy the Algarve visits beekeeper and small-scale honey producer José Chumbinho to find out more about the syrupy liquid that’s also called ‘nectar […]

Playing with fire

Your parents probably told you not to do it. Still, highlight of many Algarve festivals are shows in which the performers literally play with fire. Enjoy the Algarve takes a closer look at the Nascer da Terra show in Silves and talks to the artists about their passion. Warning: hot contents. Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez […]

Farming in water

It smells like the sea, lives in water, is grown in the Algarve, can be eaten and starts with an ‘s’. Ten to one your answer will be shrimps, sardines or seafood. But there’s more. In the hills near Monchique, Georges Porta and Cristina Palma Brito farm spirulina. A food worth knowing. Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez […]

Sea for yourself

Kids climbing the rocks at Praia da Amoreira, bending over tide pools with their hand lenses. Other children running towards the dunes, digging holes in the sand. Just another day at the beach? No, at CERES’ intertidal workshop students swap their textbooks for a real life natural environment, investigating everything from marine creatures and their […]