Also if you aren’t a surfdude or boardbabe with a VW campervan, Carrapateira is worth a visit. Planning to spend a day in the village and its surroundings in the wild western Algarve? Read here what not to miss!

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine January 2017

Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez


Explore the town

Find out where the market is, where the public toilets are, what restaurant is open tonight (they seem to alternate daily, especially in winter time) and what time they stop serving food. Done in 10 minutes, max. Now, head to the beach. Carrapateira is nice, but the real attraction in this region is the coastline.


Surf at Amado

Praia do Amado is the most famous surf beach of the Algarve. In the high season, there are more people in the water than lying on the sand. It’s usually a good place for beginners and thus a favourite spot of many surf schools. Directly at the beginning of the beach there’s a place where you can rent wetsuits and boards.


Play in the lagoon at Bordeira

With sand dunes and a little lagoon of warm shallow water near the river mouth, Praia do Bordeira is perfect for kids. And for dogs. And for kite surfers as there’s usually a bit more wind than in Amado. The beach is over 3km long so it’s easy to find a secluded spot if you aren’t keen on kids, dogs or kite surfers. The further you walk to the right, the less busy it gets.


Learn about the history of sea and land

Find out about local traditional fishing industry and view historical photos of the daily life of Carrapateira’s inhabitants in the small and charming Museu do Mar e da Terra. The Carrapateira land and sea museum is located on a hill near the top of the town and offers a nice view over the dunes. Apart from a museum it’s a place for a dialogue between old and young about the heritage of this region.


Go for a coastal walk

The region around Carrapateira is part of the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina, which includes about 80km of coastline, all the way from Burgau to Odeceixe. This basically means that the entire area is a gorgeous, rugged environment full of cliffs and without high-rise hotels. In other words: great spot for a coastal walk. On the way, go rockpooling and learn about marine life.


Jump off cliffs

The coast is your playground when you go coasteering. If there have been loads of sueste winds, it’s possible to do this activity -which includes jumping, swimming and hauling yourself back onto shore-  just north of Carrapateira. (If the waves are too high, coasteering is done further south, in the Sagres region). Enjoy the Algarve tried this in our September 2016 issue. Jumping off cliffs too scary for you? Go SUPing instead.


Try holistic riding

Like horses? More a carrot than a stick person? Visit Andreas Endries, who lives in a valley close to Carrapateira, and take a holistic horse riding lesson. This respectful way of communicating with horses incorporates yoga and tai chi type exercises, body posture awareness and no metal at all. Enjoy the Algarve tried this in our October 2015 issue.


Stare out over sea

There’s something about the sea that’s even more calming than a zen-app or a cup of camomile tea. It probably has a scientific explanation, but fact is that watching the waves rolling in and staring over the seemingly endless ocean is a good way to counteract any stress you might experience in your daily life. (Trust us: it’s worth spending an extra day in the Carrapateira region just to stare out over sea).


Embrace your inner hippie

Let those dreadlocks grow, buy a pair of tie-dye rainbow pants and stick some flowers in your hair. Get a VW campervan (actually, anything on four wheels with a mattress in the back will do), walk barefoot, let your dog run loose and you’ll fit right in. Optional: get a prop like a surfboard or a guitar. Enjoy life.


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine January 2017

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