The future’s orange

Name the most important ingredient of wine. Ten to one your answer is grapes. Not always though. Japan and Korea produce plum wine, in Guadeloupe they have banana wine, and in the Odelouca valley near Silves, Nick and Stella Downs make wine out of oranges. Why? “It’s very difficult to find anything that’s as good […]

Simple, pure & beautiful

Expat Sima Soltani (51) is originally from Iran, but has lived in Holland for 15 years. In 1999, she moved to the south of Portugal where she now lives in Sesmarias (Albufeira) with her two dogs, Lily and Richy. Sima is a health, sport and wellness coach and has her own company SIMAFIT sapvasten, which […]

December 2016 – Saúde!

The December 2016 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, Saúde!, is out now! Read it here and please feel free to share with all your friends. In it: the difference between DOC and table wine, what sandy soils do against the vine-eating phylloxera and how Portugal is doing in the word wine production rankings. Plus: fascinating […]

Making felt slippers

With winter on its way, the time of walking around in flip flops has well and truly gone. Here at Enjoy the Algarve we want to keep our feet warm towards the end of the year, so this month we try making felt slippers in Penina, at the foot (haha) of the Rocha da Pena […]

Calçada portuguesa

Discover fascinating facts about the Portuguese pavement See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine November 2016 Picture by Andreas Manessinger   Street mosaic Many pedestrian areas in Portugal consist of calçada portuguesa, a traditional style pavement. Small flat pieces of different stones, usually a combination of white limestone and dark basalt, are arranged […]

Agostinho Teixeira

Artisan traditions make Portugal different from other countries See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine November 2016   This month’s Picture Perfect photographer is the Portuguese Agostinho Teixeira (41) (pictured below by Vitor Pina) got into photography only five years ago when a friend bought a camera. “Then, on a family vacation in Aveiro, […]

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, a lot. No matter whether it’s renovating a house or changing a light bulb, if you do it yourself but don’t have a clue of what you’re doing, there’s a surprising big room for errors. Now, we’re not saying to leave everything to the experts (where would be the fun in that?). But do […]


Part of the so-called Golden Triangle, Almancil is the place to get info about expensive properties, concierge services or villa management (whatever that may be). Is it also a great place to stay for a couple of days? Not really (read: no, it isn’t). But it does have some interesting surroundings. So if you’re in […]

Happiness is never far below the surface here

Expat Paul Rees (58) is originally from Britain. Having considered the Algarve his second home since the 1980s, he moved to the south of Portugal in 2003 and now lives in Olhão with Janet. Paul is the owner of community-based news and information site Pictures by Jeff from Pension Bicuar, Olhão See the original article […]

5 tips to provide your own dinner

Need food? You could of course go to a restaurant or shop. But in the Algarve, it’s also possible to go back to basic and do it yourself. Five tips to take care of your own dinner. (A plus: it might teach your kids that fish doesn’t grow in fish-stick shapes in the freezer section […]

Garden creations

With the weather being cold & cloudy, now is the time to create some nice outside areas to drink a mojito/sangria/cold beer. No, that’s not a joke. Let’s be honest, there’s no way you’ll even contemplate doing this in summertime when it’s 37˚C again. So do it now, enjoy later. Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez See the […]

Algarve basic life skills

Just moved? Planning on living here? On holiday for a longer period of time? From simple things such as going shopping, to more complicated things like buying a car, here in the Algarve stuff goes a bit different from what you might be used to back home. Yes, there are concierge services who can arrange […]

November 2016 – DIY

The November 2016 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, DIY, is out now! Read it here and please feel free to share with all your friends. It tells you all you need to know, whether you want to build your own surfboard, grow your own food, create your own garden furniture, felt your own slippers, or […]

Where to enjoy your galão

Made of espresso and foamed milk, Portugal’s answer to latte or cappuccino is always a good idea. But some places are better than others to enjoy your galão. Not necessarily because of the coffee, but because they offer an amazing view. Enjoy the Algarve recommends three awesome locations. Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez See the original article […]

The search for perfect coffee

Some people are happy with any coffee-like beverage as long as it’s hot and wakes them up; others strive for perfection. Founder of Academia do Café Sandra Azevedo belongs to the latter category. Passionate about beans & brewing, she doesn’t rest until great coffee is available everywhere in Portugal. Because this isn’t yet the case, she […]


Discover fascinating facts about Portugal’s cutest lizard See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine October 2016   Moon lizard Worldwide, about 1,500 species of geckos exist. In Portugal, the most common one is the Mediterranean House Gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus), also known as Moorish Gecko or Moon Lizard.   This type of gecko lives in dozens […]

5 tips to use coffee in the kitchen

Coffee improves your energy levels, is full of anti-oxidants and even contains some nutrients. Enough reasons to use it in your cooking. Now everyone knows you can use coffee to make tiramisu, add it to cakes or just serve with a shot of liquor and some cream. Boring! Next time you’re in the kitchen, try […]


Before moving to the area, Enjoy the Algarve thought that Salir was a sleepy town. Now, we know for sure that it is. But its gorgeous natural surroundings make it a pleasant place to slow your pace and relax. Loulé and São Brás are nearby if you fancy some more action. Going to Salir? Read here what […]

Pedro Noel da Luz

Photographing in black and white is another way of seeing the world See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine October 2016 This month’s Picture Perfect photographer is the Portuguese Pedro Noel da Luz (40). Pedro got into photography because of his stepfather, who had a studio in Lagos. “I remember it being dark, with the red light […]


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine October 2016 When it turned out hoverboards were a fake, Enjoy the Algarve was pretty disappointed. We really wanted to move like Marty McFly (doesn’t everybody?). So when we heard it’s possible to hover over the ocean, propelled by water jets, we immediately drove to Albufeira to try flyboarding. […]

Coffee culture

From seeds that were smuggled into Brazil to statues of frequent café visitors in Lisbon, Enjoy the Algarve explores the world of Portuguese coffee. Next time you’re drinking a bica in your local restaurant (or having a capsule-brew from your machine at home) read this instead of the newspaper. See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine […]

The alfresco lifestyle is impossible to resist

Chris White (35) is originally from St Ives in Cornwall (UK). After living in seven different countries, he moved from Spain to the Algarve in 2007 and now lives in Vale do Lobo. There, he started his own company, boutique estate agency Ideal Homes Portugal. See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine October 2016 What inspired you to move to the […]

Nectar from the serra

The honey you buy in supermarkets is mostly mass-manufactured, processed and pasteurised. Shame, as this way all the good qualities disappear. In the Algarve, some beekeepers still produce honey the artisanal way. Enjoy the Algarve visits beekeeper and small-scale honey producer José Chumbinho to find out more about the syrupy liquid that’s also called ‘nectar […]

October 2016 – Café

The October 2016 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, Café, is out now! Read it here and please feel free to share with all your friends. It’s a complete caffeine boost (well, at least if you read it alongside your morning coffee): Portugal’s coffee culture, cooking with coffee, an expert opinion on what can be improved […]