Annoyed by slowcoaches on the road, secretly pretending to be an F1 racer and somehow always having trouble to keep that needle below 50km/h? Chances are you have a serious need for speed (the other possibility is that you just drive like a twat). Anyway, Enjoy the Algarve is keen to step on the gas […]

You don’t need to travel far to see true beauty

Lewis Moulson (18) is originally from the UK, where he lived in Disley (Stockport, Cheshire). In 2005, he moved to the Portugal with his parents. He now lives in Albufeira and is currently finishing his A-levels at Nobel International School. Lewis is also owner of videography and photography company Chilli Pepper Productions. See the original […]


Ameixial is known to most people as the place to go for walks in the countryside, especially during the yearly walking festival. But it’s more than that; Ameixial also offers a look into authentic rural Portuguese village life. Plans to visit? Enjoy the Algarve tells you what not to miss! See the original article in Enjoy […]

Biker’s paradise

Many people ride bicycles in the Algarve. But there’s cycling and there’s cycling. João Jesus and Filipe Baião definitely fall in the more extreme category as they practise enduro and downhill biking. In other words: they jump over roads and cycle with up to 60km/h on trails so steep most normal people would need climbing […]

February 2017 – Need for speed

The February 2017 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, Need for speed, is out now! Read it here and please feel free to share with all your friends. In it, step on the gas at the Kartódromo Internacional do Algarve, have a look into the life of enduro and downhill bikers (their idea of fun is jumping over […]

Living off the land

Going back is the way forward, at least when it comes to farming. Ditch the pesticides and the heavy machinery and work in harmony with nature like they did centuries ago. Organic agriculture is popular again, also in Portugal, where more and more people make a change from supermarket-bought to home-grown. Enjoy the Algarve investigates […]


Also if you aren’t a surfdude or boardbabe with a VW campervan, Carrapateira is worth a visit. Planning to spend a day in the village and its surroundings in the wild western Algarve? Read here what not to miss! See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine January 2017 Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez   Explore […]


Conservation starts with education. This is also the case with wildlife: you first have to know about the animals living in the south of Portugal, before you can help protecting them. Next time, instead of going to the beach yet again, broaden your horizons and learn something new about the wildlife in the Algarve. Here […]

Bye bye balls

Harsh as it might sound, those testicles will have to come off. Because with thousands of stray dogs in the Algarve, it’s not an option not to neuter your dog. Enjoy the Algarve talks to Kerry Gross and Faith Clements of AEZA, a charitable organisation that gives hundreds of stray dogs in the western Algarve […]

5 simple solutions to save the world

With the emphasis on simple. We know, these tips are mega-childish, but there are still people out there who don’t dispose of their trash correctly or leave the tap running while they’re putting toothpaste on their toothbrush. We’ve dumbed it down a bit so they can also understand. Plus, we’ve made it into a game. […]

Algarve, we have a problem

Or actually, we have three rather big environmental problems in the south of Portugal. Want to know what they are and how to solve them? Read on! See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine January 2017   Oil drillings The problem: the oil and gas drillings that are already taking place in the […]

I love arriving at Faro airport

Flexpat James Cave (30) is originally from Ireland and lives together with his girlfriend Jemma (30), who’s from Scotland. The copywriting couple has lived all over the world; in 2013 they came to Portugal. When in the Algarve, one of their favourite places, they usually live in Silves. Together, Jemma and James make the Portugalist, […]

Cleaning the beach

Because rubbish doesn’t belong on a beach. Because Straw Patrol is an awesome initiative. Because fish and birds shouldn’t eat plastic. Because there are still idiots who throw their wrappers and cigarette butts in the sand. Need more reasons? Read on; this month Enjoy the Algarve tries cleaning the beach of Ilha de Faro. See […]


Discover fascinating facts about Portugal’s best known fish See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine January 2017 Picture by Liselot Sijm   Where have all the fish gone? In the 1980s and ‘90s, it wasn’t uncommon for Portuguese fishing boats to haul in 200,000 tons of sardines a year. In 2005, the catch had […]

Thijs Valkenburg

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine January 2017   This month’s Picture Perfect photographer is the Dutch ornithologist Thijs Valkenburg (29), who got into photography about 10 years ago. “I realised that only watching birds wasn’t enough; I wanted to document the moments and the species I was seeing.” Working at RIAS in […]

January 2017 – Make a change

The January 2017 issue of Enjoy the Algarve, Make a change, is out now! Read it here and please feel free to share with all your friends. In it, we focus on people who improve the south of Portugal. Like our cover star, marine biologist Carla Lourenço who organises beach clean-ups with Straw Patrol. There’s […]

Castro Marim

It has got a Medieval castle, a nature reserve, traditional handicrafts and a salt spa. Plus, it’s compact enough to see all this in under a day. Added bonus: Spain is only a stone’s throw away and the beach isn’t too far either. What are you waiting for? Visit Castro Marim – here’s what not […]

Wineland Portugal

One thing is certain: it’s more than just port and vinho verde. But although most of us drink a glass (or two) with our dinner and know which local restaurants offer the nicest vinho de mesa with their prato do dia, how much do we really know about this country’s fermented grape juice? From the […]

Marcos Mascarenhas

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine December 2016   This month’s Picture Perfect photographer is the Portuguese Marcos Mascarenhas (35), who has always had a passion for photography. “I wanted to get into photography directly after high school, but my mum insisted on me going to college, so I became a lawyer instead. […]

Vinho verde

Discover fascinating facts about Portugal’s best known mildly fizzy wine See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine December 2016 Picture by Feliciano Guimarães   It isn’t green Although ‘vinho verde’ literally translates as ‘green wine’, ‘young wine’ would be a more accurate translation – it’s meant to be drunk soon after bottling (ideally within a […]

Making carob liquor

The Algarve’s most famous firewater is, of course, Medronho. But for those who’d rather have something with a bit less kick, there are many other types of locally made liquors. Enjoy the Algarve is more than happy to try them all. This month, we try making carob liquor in Lugar da Renda, near Loulé. See […]

Visit a vineyard

Want to know a bit more about the wine you’re drinking? Visit a winery and see how it’s made. We’ve selected four award-winning vineyards in the Algarve that all offer guided tours & wine tastings. Enjoy! See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine December 2016   Quinta dos Vales With 15 different grape […]

Reuse your wine bottles

It can become a bit embarrassing, driving 18 empty wine bottles to the recycling bins every week… Especially if those bins are located opposite a house where a local lady spends all the time looking out the window, no doubt muttering about these boozy foreigners with their drinking parties. You could of course play empty-bottle-bowling, […]

5 wine cocktails

Don’t fancy wine by itself? Want to spice it up a bit? Try something new and use vinho in a cocktail.  Yes, there’s sangria of course, but there’s so much more you can make with wine. Next time you’re thirsty, try one of these five. See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine […]