Alexandre Manuel

We have to protect the particular Algarve beauty from mass tourism.

See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine May 2016

This month’s Picture Perfect photographer is Alexandre Manuel (36) who lives in Lagos: “Close to the west coast and the Costa Vicentina Natural Park: a great place for photography.” Alexandre studied photography and cinema as an optional course at university and currently makes a living as a photographer.

Alexandre is fascinated with the temporary nature of photography. His pictures often are characterised by using a long exposure which creates a continuous scene that is untouched by time. He is passionate about landscapes: “Particularly the Algarve coastal region where I’m recording the natural wonders in constant motion. My landscape portraits are, above all, the result of a love of nature.”

Alexandre on photography in the Algarve: “It’s a good place for colour photography, as there are blue and white colours everywhere, like houses, sky and fishing boats. It’s also great for sunrise or sunset pictures, especially in autumn and winter. For me it actually isn’t the best place to photograph because I work in black and white, so I don’t really enjoy the sunny places and blue skies. My favourite time to shoot is winter; I’m very happy when it rains or storms. The Algarve is special because we have such different landscapes close together. Unfortunately, nowadays it’s hard to find quiet and wild places; there’s always cars, people or construction works. We have to protect the particular Algarve beauty from mass tourism.”


Landscape photography:

This month’s Picture Perfect shows a cabin in the sea near Alvor’s marina. It was taken on a Canon 60D with a 20mm Canon lens, settings: ISO 100, shutter speed 10 seconds. Like this pic? See more on Alexandre’s

Want to try and make a perfect picture like this one as well? Here are Alexandre’s top three tips:

  1. Feel and love the landscape. Technique is one thing, but most important is transmitting what you feel.
  2. Proper light is essential. With photography, the light is everything.
  3. In order to get a good picture with a very long exposure time, use neutral density filters, a tripod and put the ISO very low.

Cabin in the sea near Alvor by Alexandre Manuel


See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine May 2016

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