5 wine cocktails

Don’t fancy wine by itself? Want to spice it up a bit? Try something new and use vinho in a cocktail. 

Yes, there’s sangria of course, but there’s so much more you can make with wine. Next time you’re thirsty, try one of these five.

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine December 2016

Picture above by Artem Pochepetsky


1. Tinto de verano

This popular Spanish drink is similar to sangria, but way easier because there’s no need to slice all kinds of fruit. ‘Tinto de verano’ translates as ‘red wine of summer’ and this beverage is indeed ideal for a summer picnic.

How: fill a glass with red wine and a lemon-flavoured carbonated drink (gaseosa) in equal measures. Add ice. If you’re lazy and in Spain, just buy a bottle of pre-mixed tinto de verano in the supermarket.

Picture below by Arkangel


2. Kir

Usually drunk as an aperitif, this French cocktail is made by mixing white wine with crème de cassis (blackcurrant liquor). Make sure the wine isn’t too sweet and don’t pour too much crème de cassis or the result will be more ‘sweet children lemonade’ than ‘sophisticated cocktail’.

How: add 4 parts of white wine to 1 part of crème de cassis. For a kir royale, use sparkling wine and serve in a champagne flute. A cardinal is made by using red wine instead of white.

Picture below by Arnaud 25


3. Calimocho

This is basically a cuba libre for poor people. If you can’t afford rum, just add some wine to your cola. In the Basque Country in Spain this drink is called kalimotxo; the story goes that it was invented when barkeepers at the Puerto Viejo festivals of 1972 realised their wine had gone bad. To mask the sour taste, they added cola.

How: fill a glass with cheap red wine (so not the expensive bottle you see on the picture) and cola in equal measures. Add ice. To make pallas, add a shot of ouzo to your calimocho.

Picture below by k-naia


4. Black velvet

Wine mixed with beer?!! Yes. When Prince Albert died in 1861, the steward in Brooks Club in London (UK) ordered that even the champagne should mourn the death of the royal. Thus, Guinness was added to the fizzy wine and the black velvet was invented.

How: fill half of a flute with champagne. Top it up with Guinness (or another extra stout beer). For a layered effect, pour the Guinness over a spoon turned upside down over the top of the glass so it doesn’t mix with the champagne.

Picture below by Bruce The Deus

5. Vintage El Draque

Fancy mojitos? Try this spicy cocktail which features ginger instead of lime. The original El Draque (named after the world’s first cocktail made as a medicine against seasickness by the Spanish explorer Sir Francis Drake in 1586), is made with rum or aguardente, but the less strong vintage version uses white wine instead.

How: mix 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger with 1 teaspoon of sugar. Add 7 mint leaves (the recipe also works with 6 or 8) and some ice cubes. Fill the rest of the glass up with white wine.

Picture below by Dave Meier


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine December 2016

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