5 tips to provide your own dinner

Need food? You could of course go to a restaurant or shop. But in the Algarve, it’s also possible to go back to basic and do it yourself. Five tips to take care of your own dinner. (A plus: it might teach your kids that fish doesn’t grow in fish-stick shapes in the freezer section of the supermarket.)

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine November 2016

Picture above by Megan Hodges, other pics by Kyle Rodriguez unless stated otherwise


1. Catch your own fish

What: fishing for sardines, mackerels, seabass, tuna, monkfish and haddock.

Where: in the water, obviously. Depending on the fish you’re angling for, you might want to fish just off the pier, off the cliffs or off a boat. Cockles and clams can be found in the mud. See here where the pros catch their fish.

Needed: an angle and a fishing permit. The type of licence depends on the location: you’ll need a sport fishing licence for sea fishing and an inland water one if you’ll be fishing in rivers and lakes. For info on the different permits and where to get them, click here.


2. Hunt your own meat

What: shooting poor fluffy bunny rabbits, hares, ducks, partridges, deer and/or wild boars that are just happily minding their own business in nature.

Where: outside the main tourist season, it’s allowed to hunt in designated zones and countryside reserves on Thursdays and Sundays. Whatever you do: don’t hunt that group of porco preto standing behind a gate. Your neighbour will be pissed off.

Needed: a gun. Plus a hunting permit and licence, both which you can get via the Algarve Hunting Federation, the Federação de Caçadores do Algarve.


3. Grow your own veggies

What: growing tomatoes, avocados, broccoli, lettuce and fava beans to name just a few. Also fruit like oranges, figs, pomegranates, pears, apples and lemons can be grown in the Algarve.

Where: in your own garden. No garden? Put them in a container in your house. No house? Just gather wild fruit from the woods and make jam or Medronho.

Needed: some seeds and fertile soil. Plus plenty of sun and water.

Picture below by Christian Joudrey


4. Make your own honey

What: letting the bees do most of the work while you keep the sweet stuff. Plus, you can make honey liquor out of it.

Where: with its variety of wild herbs and flowers, the serra is the best place to put your hives, but anywhere with flowers will do. Don’t keep your bees in an apartment.

Needed: bees, beehives and a protective suit (check out this page to see how a professional looks).


5. Keep your own goats

What: with your own herd, you’ve got a walking supply of goats cheese, goats milk and even goats meat. Of course, this can also be done with sheep (in that case, you’ve also got wool).

Where: a piece of land. Rural areas are best if you want to take the herd for a walk. You don’t want to cross the N125 with goats (then again, there are people who do).

Needed: goats, some well-trained sheepdogs and a stick in case the goats don’t listen.


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine November 2016

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