5 things to do on a deserted island

No, don’t worry, we’re not going to give you entertainment ideas to keep yourself busy on Ilha Barreta (aka Ilha Deserta) Instead, we suggest you leave your computer or (i)Phone at home and just enjoy. ‘But what to do if there’s nothing to do?’, you ask. Use your senses – here are five tips.

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine May 2017


1. See: the sunset

Or the ships in the distance. Look for bottle-nosed dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean or search for shells in the sand. Watch the exceptionally clean water. Observe the birds. The almost total absence of buildings and people (at least, if you don’t visit in the middle of August) doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to see. Just use your eyes. Enjoy!


2. Hear: the seagulls cry

Listen to the waves breaking on the shore and the wind blowing through the dune grass. Realise that apart from that there isn’t that much noise here. No cars, no people, no drama. Enjoy!

Picture below by Gustavo Espíndola


3. Feel: the sun on your face

It isn’t hard to feel peaceful on an almost deserted island. Just lie down in the sand, feel the sun on your face and relax. Still having trouble to destress? Do some mindfulness exercises or yoga poses. Enjoy!

4. Smell: the Atlantic Ocean

Oh, that slightly salty sea smell. (FYI: the typical ocean aroma you’re sniffing is actually caused by marine molecules like dimethyl sulfide (DMS, produced by bacteria that eat dying phytoplankton), dictyopterenes (chemical compounds produced by seaweed eggs) and bromophenols (salty compounds that come from marine worms and algae).

Anyways, this sea essence is probably also mixed with sun cream, sweat, and sand. Just take a big breath of ocean air (and hope there’s no dead fish rotting on the beach). Enjoy!


5. Taste: the salt in the air

Or in the water if you get wiped out by the waves. Alternatively, open your picnic basket and gorge on whatever yummy stuff you’ve brought from Faro’s market. Want to taste freshly caught fish? Head to, O Estaminé, the only restaurant on the island, which is located on the eastern tip. Enjoy!

Picture below by Animaris


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine May 2017

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