Life’s better on the water

Life’s better on the water. Well, at least according to these three enthusiastic athletes who spend most of their free time in the seas, lakes and rivers of the Algarve. Here they explain why the water is the best place to be.

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine July 2016


The sea is ever-changing

Originally from Berlin, sailor André (50) moved to the Algarve nine years ago. Currently he can be found near Lagos, repairing sailing boats and taking them out on the Atlantic. “Sailing is a real sport; at times it can be a battle against the sea, the wind and the boat, but that’s what I like about it. If the wind is good and strong, you’re totally knackered after two hours at sea, which is a great feeling. I love the fact that the sea is always changing; the situations on the water are never the same. From a calm sea and easy sailing conditions in the summer, with dolphins swimming alongside the boat, to the absolute powers of the autumn and winter storms. Water is our origin, so being at sea makes sense.”

Picture below by Kyle Rodriguez


It’s zen, like meditation

Kitesurfer Jivan (44) goes where the wind is; from Arroteia on the southcoast to Bordeira in the western Algarve. “Being on the water is zen, you’re just with yourself. It’s like meditation; when kitesurfing you live in the moment. You always have to be aware of the wind, the waves and your body; there’s no room for anything else in your mind. If you think of something else, you fall. Skimming over the sea is just bliss; the turquoise colour of the water, the big spray of the board, the rays of sunlight. I especially like the thrill of speed when catching a wave. Kitesurfing is a combination of jumping, flying and wave riding. At sea you’re alone, but never lonely as you’re one with nature. It’s like a peyote trip, but without taking drugs.”

Picture below by Kyle Rodriguez


Exercise, perspective & exploration

Owner of Algarve SUP Nick Robinson (47) has paddled the entire length of the Algarve: “Being on the water gives you a totally different perspective of the environment. It’s also very calming; apart from being fantastic exercise, SUP reduces my stress levels as it takes me away from everyday life and dumps me in direct contact with nature; tides, waves, weather and wind. A big part of the appeal is exploration; in the three years I’ve been paddleboarding, I’ve discovered more of the Algarve than in the 13 previous years I’ve lived here. Not only by sea, but also rivers, lakes and coastal lagoons. One of our most popular tours visits the Benagil cave; I’m there almost every morning. It’s a gorgeous place and only accessible by sea, which adds to the adventure.”

Picture below by Robert Douglas


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine July 2016

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