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With the weather being cold & cloudy, now is the time to create some nice outside areas to drink a mojito/sangria/cold beer. No, that’s not a joke. Let’s be honest, there’s no way you’ll even contemplate doing this in summertime when it’s 37˚C again. So do it now, enjoy later.

Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez

See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine November 2016



How: attach a sheet to a tree on one side (by using a rope) and to another tree on the other side (also with a rope).

Difficulty level: 2/5. Easy-peasy. You might notice that this hammock is shop-bought instead of home-made. We did make one but then it broke as the entire Enjoy the Algarve team wanted to try it out together. We blame Gustave the dog; his 13 kilos were too much, especially as he has been sabotaging the project by chewing the rope beforehand.

Top tip: if you have a disturbing factor as well (this could be dogs, but also cats or kids), make sure to use a sturdy rope.


Mosaic bench

How: build (or buy) a concrete bench. Collect loads of colourful tiles and smash them into pieces with a hammer. Glue the pieces onto the bench in a cool pattern. Fill the gaps with some leftover concrete.

Difficulty level: 3/5. It’s not that difficult (especially not if you buy the bench and just do the fun bit, putting the tiles on). It does, however, take a long time. Especially if you want a specific pattern which involves the tiles breaking in triangle shapes, but they turn out more like rectangles. Want a quick fix? Only use whole tiles.

Top tip: put the sharp edges of the broken tiles on the inside, not on the outside where your legs will be.


Palm tree umbrella

How: weld a big umbrella frame out of steel (it should have at least six points), with a hole left in the middle for the wooden pole. Put this frame on top of a wooden pole and secure with screws. Gather loads of dried palm tree leaves and arrange them on top of the frame (attach them with tie rips).

Difficulty level: 5/5. This is hard. It includes welding – joining metals at very high temperatures. If you’ve never worked with a welding machine before, the risk of f*cking it all up and hurting yourself is quite high.

Top tip: if you’re not a DIY expert, ask somebody who actually knows how to weld for help (that’s what we did). Alternatively, just stick some palm tree leaves on a normal umbrella and accept this looks weird.


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine November 2016

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