How do I read Enjoy the Algarve?
You can swipe through the magazine by using the arrows in the navigation panel (which is on the right side of your screen on a desktop computer and on the bottom if you’re on a tablet or mobile phone). The navigation panel also allows you to scroll through the contents of this issue and access all previous editions of Enjoy the Algarve.

Some articles in the magazine scroll down, this will be the case if you see a little arrow. See a plus sign? Click on it to read more. See something you want to show your friends? You can easily share articles via email or social media; just use the share button in the right bottom corner. If you run into any technical problems, just let us know (by sending an email to info@enjoythealgarve.com) and we’ll try to help.


Your magazine is awesome, I want to buy you guys a beer!
That’s really nice of you, thanks. You can donate here. Cheers!


What happened to the gecko?
We killed it. Or actually, Gustave the Dog killed it. It was an accident, sorry. We replaced our loyal gecko logo (RIP) by an awesome chameleon. Also very Algarvian and to be honest, even cooler! By the way: did you know that chameleons have a ballistic tongue?


Why don’t you have a printed version?
Because paper magazines kill trees. We like trees a lot, especially as they produce oxygen. Second reason: it’s 2018, we live in a digital age. And last but not least, sending out printed versions to all our readers in other countries than Portugal would be quite a hassle.