What is Enjoy the Algarve?
It’s your monthly magazine about the Algarve. Packed with a combination of great photographs, handy tips and interesting stories. Enjoy the Algarve will help you discover Portugal’s prettiest places by telling you all about the southernmost region of Portugal’s mainland. Each issue will have a different theme, but all will be related to the Algarve. Whether you’re lucky enough to live in the Algarve, are staying here on holiday or just have a keen interest in this region, Enjoy the Algarve is the magazine for you.

It’s also easily accessible as it’s a fully responsive digital magazine. This means you can read it on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and even on your mobile phone (if you have a fancy one that does more than just calling and texting). No need to pick up a copy at the shop – especially as it’s free. You just need to be online in order to read it.


I am online, now how do I read it?
You can swipe through the magazine by using the navigation panel on the right side of your screen (here, you’ll also see the contents). This panel has a search function as well. Some articles scroll down, this will be the case if you see a little arrow. See a plus sign? Click on it to read more. Seen something you want to show your friends? You can easily share articles via email or social media, just use the share button in the right bottom corner.

Yes, this all might sound a bit complicated (it took us a while to work it out as well), but just give it a try. Basically, have a play and click on all the buttons you can. It’s fun! If you do run into any technical problems however, just let us know (by sending an email to info@enjoythealgarve.com) and we’ll try to help.


What’s this weird lizard-like creature doing on the magazine?
That’s our logo. It’s a gecko. They are harmless cool little lizards that can be found all over the Algarve. Did you know that most gecko species can’t blink as they have no eyelids? Instead they keep their eyes moist by licking them. No, this doesn’t have anything to do with our magazine; we just thought we’d share this weird bit of information with you.


Is Enjoy the Algarve free?
Yes, it’s free to subscribe and to read the magazine. Every page, every issue, every month. It’s also free to tell your friends about the magazine and to share articles via social media. (This isn’t just free, it’s hugely appreciated as well).

However, we wouldn’t say no to a donation. By clicking on the button below you get to our Paypal-page, where you can donate for your favorite Algarve magazine (no Paypal-Account required):


I like ‘real’ magazines that are made of paper. Why don’t you have a printed version?
We like real magazines too. They don’t break when you fold them and they can be used to light a fire after reading. However, they cost loads to print, meaning a printed version of Enjoy the Algarve would:
A) be full of advertisements (and with full, we mean ridiculously full), and
B) cost about 3 euros a piece
We thought you wouldn’t like that so much. Also, we like trees. Trees are cut down to make paper. By not needing paper for our mag, we feel a bit less guilty about all the other ways we human beings burden the environment.

Still not convinced? Nothing stops you from printing out all the pages and reading it the way a ‘real’ magazine should be read: in bath with a nice cuppa tea.


There are already loads of other magazines, blogs and websites about the Algarve, why should I read Enjoy the Algarve?
Because it’s great (or so we think). In Enjoy the Algarve there’s no politics, no dramas and no bad news. Just interesting stories, fun experiences and useful tips. Exactly what you need when you’re on holiday here. And also precisely what you want to read when you’ve chosen to live here. Also, because it’s free.


I want to know what’s on in the Algarve every day of the month, such as markets and exhibitions. Where is your events calendar?
Great question. We don’t have one, as we’re pretty busy making the magazine as it is. However, do follow us on Facebook and Twitter, as we’ll be posting almost daily updates on these social media sites which will also include events in the Algarve.


I want to contribute/send you this gorgeous Algarve picture I made / tell you about the cool place I just discovered / let you know what definitely should be in the next issue / point out that there’s a mistake in your mag / offer your readers a really amazing competition prize / just say ‘hi’.
What to do?
Great, whatever it is, we’d love to hear from you! Just send an email to info@enjoythealgarve.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.