Sun, snow & skiing

We know, it’s not in the Algarve. But since there isn’t any snow on the Fóia (and no chairlifts in the Monchique mountains either), those looking for a skiing holiday have to search outside of Portugal. Not too far – the Sierra Nevada in Spain is just 450kms away from the eastern Algarve. It’s not your […]

Porco preto

Tradition is important in the Portuguese cuisine, especially when it comes to porco preto. In the Monchique region, producing Portugal’s most flavoursome meat is done by methods that have been passed on from generation to generation. According to the local Iberian black pig farmers, this is the only way to keep the traditional flavours alive. […]

An ode to olive oil

Olive oil; it’s a huge part of the Portuguese diet. And a tasty one. Connoisseurs sample different varieties of oil like they would taste different wines. Some of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world are produced here in the Algarve, in Moncarapacho. In Monte Rosa you’ll find modern machines, but ancient traditions. […]

Staying for winter

Not a clue how to spend the dark days of winter in the Algarve? Read on. On the next pages two couples reveal their favourite activity for when the weather is OK, but not good enough to lie on a beach. Since sometimes the weather isn’t OK at all, there’s also advice on what to […]

Winter in the Algarve

Beautiful weather most of the time and no need to wait for a table in a restaurant or fight for towel space on the beach. Welcome to winter in the Algarve. Living in the south of Portugal when the tourists are gone is great for some, but can get a bit lonely for others. Deserted […]

Man’s best friends

There are thousands of abandoned dogs in the Algarve that need a better life. How to help them? In the next few pages you’ll learn about what it takes to run a dog sanctuary and what you’ll need to consider before adopting a dog. Also, there’s a range of super cute doggies waiting for a […]

Heleen’s happy horses

The Algarve isn’t the best place to be a horse. They’re better off in the green lush valleys of Kazakhstan, where they are considered vital part of the culture. Or Iceland, where they are honoured and admired. Here in the south of Portugal, horses are more likely to be abandoned, tied up with no water […]

Surf’s up

Eat, sleep, surf, repeat. If the swell is good, there’s no need to do anything else in the Algarve. How to make sure your time in the water is a great one? By following these four steps: Get some pointers. Prepare your trip. Pick the right place. Play in the sea! Picture above by Clive […]

Keeping the art of surfing alive

Want to learn how to surf in the Algarve? Easy! Well, not the surfing, but finding some place to learn it. There are dozens of surf schools especially targeted towards beginners and they can help you catch a wave in no time. But those who already know how to pop & paddle have to look […]

Holiday for all

In most cases, going on a family vacation is a question of packing the bags, booking an accommodation and hopping on a plane. The biggest worry is whether the sun shines and the flip-flops are in the suitcase. But it isn’t this simple for everybody. If a child has a disability or special needs, finding […]

Take the kids

It’s holiday time! Every year, thousands of tourists celebrate their summer holidays in the Algarve. Vacation is always better when the kids are having fun, so here’s an overview of things to do with the whole family. See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine August 2015   Animals Are your children delighted by the geckos here […]

Fresh from the sea

What better way to get the summer feeling than by eating fresh fish? But how and where to get your fish fix in the Algarve? It depends: want to buy it on the market or straight from the fishermen? Feel like preparing dinner at home or rather eat in a restaurant? Whatever floats your (fishing) […]

The journey from sea to plate

Olhão fish auction Grilled, baked or BBQ-ed. Sardines, mackerels or tuna. Freshly cooked, in a can or spread on a slice of bread. However you want your fish, the Algarve is the place to get it. But there’s a story that often remains untold: what happens with the fish between catching and eating? Enjoy the Algarve gives […]

Algarve’s best beaches

It must be the Algarve’s best-known attraction: the beach. But which one? With over 200km of coastline and close to 100 beaches to choose from it’s almost a luxury problem. No worries, we’re here to help. Just pick the beachgoer-description that fits you best and find out where to go for your ideal sun & […]

Sculpting sand

All people do it when they’re on a beach: building sand castles. Apparently the ancient Egyptians were already making sand models of their tombs some centuries ago. In Pêra, however, they don’t bother with mere castles or pyramids. Instead, artists have transformed billions of grains of sand into the likes of The Beatles, Lady Gaga, […]