From pre-packaged trips to the sun to holistic yoga retreats

Was it in the 1970s the place to be for beach holidays and golf, now it’s also about adventure, eco and meditation. Enjoy the Algarve investigates how tourism has developed in Portugal, particularly in its southernmost region.  See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine August 2017   It has always been a place with sun, […]

Must-do’s of the Algarve

What are the things you really should do in the south of Portugal? The nicest beaches, the coolest activities and the unspoiled places? In other words: how to make the most of your time in the Algarve?  The best answer: read all 27 issues of Enjoy the Algarve magazine. The second-best answer: ask the people who live […]

Getting paid to party – all season long

In summertime, the Algarve gets crowded with tourists; Albufeira especially is known as a place for young people to let their hair down. But it isn’t a holiday for everyone. Enjoy the Algarve talks to bar owner and DJ Matt Moore about long hours, unicorn fancy dress outfits, dealing with drunks and why he blatantly refuses to […]

Stuck in Faro?

Your hotel kicks you out at 11am, but your flight doesn’t leave until 11pm. Brilliant! Get your canoe/kayak/(SUP)-board out of your suitcase and go for a paddle on the Ria Formosa. Don’t have a board in your hand baggage and/or don’t want to get wet? Here are three other things to do close to Faro […]

Superb SUP spots

The south of Portugal is a paddler’s paradise. But where exactly is the best place in the Algarve for stand up paddleboarding? Three SUP pros reveal their favourite spots. See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine July 2017   Algarve SUP – Ria Formosa Owner of Algarve SUP Nick Robinson first stepped foot […]

Portugal – the watersport nation

Portugal’s biggest asset: the sea. So to all those who want to do something more active than just stay on the beach: get in the water. Enjoy the Algarve gives you an overview of the different water sports that are worth a try in the south of Portugal. See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve […]

Inspired by the ocean

Do you love what you’re doing? If not, you might want to follow Charlotte van Berkum’s example and choose to live your dream instead. Enjoy the Algarve meets the surfer girl on Praia da Cordoama and talks about the spirituality of surfing, the energy of mandalas and having the confidence that life will flow like […]

Listen to the lifeguards

They’re not trying to audition for Baywatch, they’re not tourist guides, and they definitely aren’t supposed to babysit your children. Instead, their job consists of saving lives, by rescuing swimmers that get into trouble at sea. Enjoy the Algarve talks to lifeguards Tiago Fraústo and Tiago Fagundes in Fuseta. “Follow our advice; it’s for your […]

Like grandpa used to do

Fishing is still done with old fishing boats, the corridinho is danced at folklore festivals and even new houses come with original Algarvian chimneys. The south of Portugal is a traditional place. Craftsmen showing their artisan skills make for pretty pictures, but, more importantly, they keep the local cultural heritage alive. Enjoy the Algarve explores why the […]

Portuguese up your home

With IKEA in Loulé offering bargain home decorations by the billion, we prefer doing something different. Go traditional and add a touch of Portugal to your home. How? By using azulejos, calçadas, and an Algarvian chimney. Now Enjoy the Algarve isn’t a home-deco-trends expert, but we do know that this year, it’s time to go […]

Baked Algarvian earth

Just like snowflakes, no two terracotta tiles made in Vale de Mealhas are exactly the same. You could compare thousands, millions even, but you’ll always find slight variations, mostly in colour nuance. “And that’s precisely the charm of it,” claims Angelo Martins, who, together with his brother Arthur Cavaco, continues the family business of making […]

Proud of Portuguese palms

Traditional, local, authentic, handmade, genuine, 100% Portuguese. Words that sounds great on a label. But is all that’s described as ‘made in Portugal’, really produced in this country? Having spotted some nice inexpensive bags made out of palm leaves, Enjoy the Algarve asks palm weaving expert Maria João Gomes for advice. “If it doesn’t smell […]

Algarve’s new flagship species?

Seahorses; their appealing charisma is also what gets them in trouble. The Ria Formosa Nature Reserve is home to what’s probably the world’s largest population of Hippocampus, but in recent years there has been a massive decline, due to habitat changes and human influence. How to ensure the survival of this fish species? Enjoy the […]

Formosa style

Meandering past sandbanks and oyster farms, the journey is as tranquil as the destination. Enjoy the Algarve joins Ricardo Barradas on a Ria Formosa sailing trip to Ilha da Culatra. This fishermen’s island doesn’t have any sort of actual attractions, which is in fact a big part of the attraction.  See the original article in Enjoy […]

When swimming is no option…

How to get to the islands of the Algarve? Well, get into the water and start to swim. But what if you want to take a dry towel and/or don’t fancy getting swept away by the current into the Atlantic Ocean? Here are three easier options. See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine […]

Island life

What’s it like to live on an island in the Ria Formosa? Enjoy the Algarve finds out. Spoiler: during the change from fishing heritage to tourist settlements, and even despite the current demolition threats, the overall feeling of ‘being away from it all’ remains. See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine May 2017 […]

The dangers of one of the safest countries in the world

Currently, Portugal is one of the five most peaceful countries in this world. However, it wasn’t always this way. Over time, Arab invasions, earthquakes and dictatorships have made way for pickpockets, reckless drivers and cheap drinks. Still, the feeling of saudade remains. See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine April 2017 Some pickpockets, […]

Tough enough?

Extreme obstacle races like Spartan Race and Tough Mudder have become pretty popular in the last decades, especially in the UK and USA. Now Portugal joins in the action with Tribal Clash, which will be held in the Algarve end of this month. Enjoy the Algarve wonders how to prepare for an event that promises […]

Wild boar around?

If you go hiking in the Algarvian countryside and are an early riser, chances are you’ll spot a wild boar on your walk. Javali, as these creatures are called in Portuguese, usually move at night and in the early morning hours. What to do (or, more important: what NOT to do) if you encounter a […]

Algarve survival 101

Shouting ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!’ obviously isn’t going to help when you’re lost in the wilderness. But what is? Since Enjoy the Algarve sucks at reading maps and always explores new roads, we often end up somewhere we don’t know. Better ask Pedro Alves of Escola do Mato how to survive if we’d […]

Live slow, drive slower

Is living in a couple of square metres on wheels while travelling the world as relaxed as it sounds? Enjoy the Algarve meets digital nomads Hedwig Wiebes and Jeroen Bosman in the south of Portugal. “We do worry, but only about where we’ll sleep that night.” All pictures courtesy of Hedwig & Jeroen  See the […]

Friends, not food

Dishes like grilled sardines and pork sausages are very popular in the Algarve. But an increasing number of people prefer to let the animals live and eat something else instead. And yes, there’s more to being vegetarian or vegan than nibbling on a carrot stick. Enjoy the Algarve talks to Melanie Pascual, owner of vegan […]


It’s all about image nowadays. So forget about Portugal’s massive unemployment rate, the many abandoned dogs and cats here, and the fact that you’ve been showering with cold water for the last ten days as your boiler still isn’t fixed. Instead, show how cool your Algarve life is and how brilliant a time you’re having. […]

Put your life on hold and enjoy

There’s more to life than having loads of money and a fancy car. Inner happiness for example. The Swedish Kinga Lundblad (56) is aiming for just that. With her company Leventa she gives Algarve-based conferences which focus on enhancing your emotional intelligence. Enjoy the Algarve talks to Kinga about emotional intelligence and how this leads […]