5 tips to not be an idiot

There’s being a fearless daredevil and there’s being a stupid idiot. You want to aim for the first, not the latter. How to do that in the Algarve? By following these five tips. Well, the first four.

Background picture by Kyle Rodriguez


See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine September 2016


1. Respect the ocean

Know all about rip currents, tidal movements, hidden rocks, wind strength and the weather forecast already? Brilliant, enjoy your swim at your local beach.

Don’t know about all these things yet? Go swimming in the designated area on a lifeguarded beach (lifeguards will still be on duty the entire month of September) and look at the colour of the flags. It’s like a traffic light system; green means go whereas red means stay put on your towel and build a sandcastle.

Picture below by muffinn


2. Add some cream

Having a nice golden-brown tan: yes. Having skin cancer: no. The difference between the two? Sun cream. It really is that simple.

We could go on and on about the damage of UV-rays, avoiding the sun between 11am and 3pm, wearing a hat, etc, etc, but fact is: slap on some factor 30+, drink enough water and make sure you don’t turn red.

Picture below -showing not the shade you want to aim for- by Tony Alter


3. Read the signs

Those signs saying ‘warning: cliff fall’ do make for cool pictures. But, newsflash!, they also have a different function: warning you about potential cliff falls. In these areas, climbing over protection borders or laying down your towel beneath potentially crumbling rocks is pretty stupid.

In the Algarve, cliffs collapse every year. In many of these accidents, people die. If you want shade, buy an umbrella.

Picture below by Kyle Rodriguez


4. Don’t overestimate yourself

Think you’re Kelly Slater just because you also look cool when carrying a surfboard? Awesome dude. By all means parade around the beach in your board shorts or run through the waves in a red bathing suit Baywatch style. But you might want to take a lesson or two before attempting to surf the biggest waves of the Algarve.

Style, swagger & super-expensive equipment don’t automatically make you a pro. That’s only achieved by learning, trying, practising and using your brain. In other words: get out when the waves are too high.

Picture below by Kyle Rodriguez


5. F*ck the rules!

Eat enough fruit and veggies, don’t drink too much, behave like a responsible adult, bla, bla, BLURGH. Rules are boring sometimes. We don’t want to sound like an overprotective parent or a nagging teacher, so by all means: f*ck the rules! Every once in a while, let your hair down. No need to learn about the environment or read any signs in your favourite nightclub: everyone understands ‘happy hour cocktails!’

About overestimating yourself: if you think you’ve got Justin Timberlake’s moves and Adele’s voice, then definitely act like it. Work it baby, shake that ass! (You might want to unfriend all who have filmed it, somehow made you sound more like Mickey Mouse with the dancing skills of a Teletubbie and tagged you on Facebook).

Picture below by Osvaldo Gago



See the original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine September 2016

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