5 tips to not be a dirty scrounger when camping wild

Although wild camping (aka free camping) is banned the Algarve, a lot of people do it. It’s cheap, fun and adventurous. Fair enough. But rows of campervans that occupy parking places and annoy the hell out of everyone sucks. How to make sure that both residents and other tourists don’t think you’re a total prick? By following these five tips.

Pictures by Kyle Rodriguez


See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine June 2016


1. Spend some money

All those euros you’re saving by not paying for a campsite, hotel, apartment or B&B? Treat yourself to something nice and spend at least half of it in the local area. Buy your kid an ice-cream or get your mum a souvenir.

The Algarve isn’t a rich region, so show some support by spending your money in the local restaurants instead of eating the pindakaas/weisswurst/baguette/baked beans that you brought with you from your home country.


2. Use the toilets

This should be on top of your list. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT, shit on the beach. It’s gross. (Also peeing in the bushes is a no go – with temperatures of 30˚C, things turn smelly really quick.) If you really do need to do a number 2 in the sand, pick it up with a plastic bag like you would with your dog’s excrements.

If there isn’t a toilet nearby and you don’t have a restroom in your van either, go to a nearby café, order a bica and use their loo. (Don’t sneak in without paying, it’s not nice).


3. Leave some parking space

Yeah, we know, your state-of-the-art-super-camper is 7.3 metres long. Woop woop, well done you. Just don’t park it horizontally right in front of the entrance to whatever space you shouldn’t be blocking off. Doing that shows you’re a twat.

Newsflash: parking places near a beach are actually meant for people visiting that beach. Just like parking places near a supermarket are actually meant for people visiting that supermarket. Just like parking places near a cinema… well, you get the picture.


4. Take your trash

Your camper has room enough for a bed and some clothes. There’s absolutely no way that it hasn’t got room for a bin bag. Get your ass to the nearest recycling bins and dispose of your trash properly. (Too much trash? Don’t buy so much plastic packaging!)

We know, Portugal isn’t the cleanest country in the world. But that should encourage you to make it better, not be an excuse to make it worse. Campers polluting nature should be banned from both camping and nature. Forever.


5. Know when to go

Sleeping a night or two on a deserted beach? Brilliant! Drinking a couple of Superbocks and dozing off in your nearby parked van instead of drink-driving? We applaud you! Finding a place that’s just too gorgeous to only spend a single day? Definitely stay until the next morning!

But if there’s a market on: leave. If you’ve been staying in the same place for over five nights: leave. If you’re camping in front of an actual campsite: leave. If the police ask you too: you should have left already, what are you waiting for? A fine?



See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine June 2016

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