5 foodie Algarve Christmas presents

What to get your mum/brother/auntie/grandpa/neighbour/friend for Christmas? Not a clue? We neither. But if they like food, they might enjoy one of the gifts below. We’ve even included tips about the suitability of the presents.

(Disclaimer: Enjoy the Algarve can’t be held responsible for disappointed friends or relatives who would rather have received a new car, socks, or chocolate).

See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine December 2015


1. Food workshop

What: learn how to cook traditional Algarve dishes. Naturally, you can also eat them afterwards!

For whom: people who enjoy cooking. (Or, if you want to give a subtle hint, people who can’t cook but who do invite you over for dinner regularly).

Not sure? Check out the article where we’ve tried the tibornas making workshop at 11 da Villa in Loulé.


2. Cataplana

What: an item of cookware that’s used to prepare Portuguese (seafood) dishes.

For whom: enthusiastic hobby cooks who also like using a tajine. (Or, give it to your little cousin and tell him/her it’s a supersonic spaceship.)

Not sure? Check out the article with interesting cataplana facts plus a simple recipe.

Picture by Sevinha


3. Cookbook

What: a book with Portuguese recipes, like ‘Viagens pela receitas de Portugal’ for those who speak Portuguese, or ‘Purple carrots’ (pictured) for those who don’t.

For whom: People who are keen on trying out new recipes. (Or, people who don’t have any intention of cooking at all but who do want a nice looking book for on their coffee table to impress their friends).

Not sure? Just give it anyway. Worst thing that can happen is that you receive the same book back next year. Therefore, be sure to buy a book that you like.


4. Porco preto

What: cured ham or sausages made of the Iberian black pig.

For whom: People who like meat. (Or, people who keep on going on about how supermarkets are the source of pure evil and free range should become the norm everywhere).

Not sure? Check out our porco preto article. It’ll tell you all about how nice the piggies are treated before they’re slaughtered. Just don’t give this present to vegetarians.



5. Quality olive oil

What: oil made out of olives. Although this might sound a bit boring, real connoisseurs will appreciate it very much if you buy them a bottle of high quality extra virgin.

For whom: people who know the meaning of the words ‘extra virgin’ and ‘cold pressed’. (Or, people who still drizzle cheap sunflower oil over their salads and should be educated).

Not sure? Check out our article about Monte Rosa.




See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine December 2015

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