5 days of rain: what to do?

Yes!!! This week can’t get any better: it rains in the Algarve!’ said no-one ever. (Well, apart from gardeners and jealous tourists who’ve just arrived back in their home country where they’re stuck in a boring 9 to 5 office job).

In a region renowned for its outdoor lifestyle, what to do when it rains? Somehow playing soaked golf and lying on a wet beach just doesn’t seem appealing. Instead, try these things.

See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine November 2015


1. Read a book

Rain is a good excuse to stay at home and chill for a day. Don’t even bother changing your pyjamas for normal clothes, just snuggle up with a blanket, a hot cup of cacao and a book.Author Janice Russell has just written ‘An Algarve Affair’, a novel which could be described as chick-lit, apart from the fact that it has a 50-years-old post-feminist woman as main character. The story is set in the Algarve and the book has only 184 pages so it can easily be finished in a day.


2. Shop till you drop

There are (partly) covered shopping centres in Faro, Guia, Tavira, Olhão, Quinta do Lago and Portimão. The amount, type and quality of the shops depend on the centre; Faro (Forum Algarve, b/w picture above) and Portimão (Aqua Portimão, pictured below) are the largest.Done with shopping? Most of the centres mentioned above also have restaurants and a cinema, so make it a day trip by having a meal and seeing a movie afterwards. (The new James Bond should be out this month!)


3. Sing some Fado

Immerse yourself in the Portuguese culture, read up about Fado and make up a song about the hardships of life in the Algarve when it rains. No voice for singing? Learn how to play Portuguese guitar instead. Or didgeridoo. Maybe dance a Sevillana. Or try pilates. Main thing is that you try something new. As long as you have fun, it doesn’t matter if your newfound hobby won’t get you in the finals of Portugal’s Got Talent.

Picture by R. Mieremet / Anefo


4. Visit a museum

Always wanted to know more about the industrial and maritime history of Portimão, but never fancied spending time indoors because of the gorgeous weather outside? Now’s your chance. Visit the Museu de Portimão.Other Algarve museums include the wax museum of the Portuguese discoveries for those interested in history, the Dried Fruit Museum in Loulé (pictured) for those keen on apricots and carob beans and the Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve in Faro for those who secretly want to become a scientist or just fancy trying out the cool interactive exhibits.


5. Get creative

Gather different pieces of coloured yarn and take up your needles. Make a yarnball, a slipknot, and start with the knit stitch. Fast forward a few hours, et voilà: your own Algarve masterpiece which also protects your plants against cold winter days.Not creative? Visit an art gallery or exhibition for inspiration.


See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine November 2015

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