5 arty alternatives

Arts & crafts, but different

Bored of painting landscapes, sculpting or making pottery? Or just don’t have the money to follow an art course and/or buy a block of marble? Here are five affordable alternatives to create arty stuff in the Algarve.


See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine March 2016


1. Bodypainting

What: painting on a body. Since the weather in the Algarve is nice and warm, your model probably won’t mind getting their top off.

For whom: people who always got told off as a kid for drawing on their little brother/sister. Also a challenge for people who think they paint very realistically. Can your model walk butt naked through Faro’s main street with just painted clothes on?

Special tip: don’t just go to the local China shop for your paint, but get some that’s meant to be used on skin. Yes, that’s more expensive, but –and we quote L’Oréal here- you’re worth it.

Picture below by Macarena Alejandra Guajardo Mavroski


2. Shell painting

What: don’t want to waste money on paper or canvas? Just collect some shells on the beach, take them home and make them pretty by using loads of colours.

For whom: people with little attention spam (pick a small shell, that way your masterpiece is done in 10 minutes) and children (round, flat shells and stones are easiest).

Special tip: only paint empty shells. The small animals living in the shells probably don’t want their home painted. Especially not in fluorescent colours.


3. Sand drawing

What: it’s what you’d do when you’re walking on the beach with a garden rake, it’s low tide and you’re very bored.

For whom: minimalists. A rake or stick is the only tool you’ll need. Also fun for people who want to trick their kids into thinking a UFO has landed on the local stretch of sand.

Special tip: check the tides and take a picture before the sea destroys it all. Don’t cry when that happens, such is the temporary nature of art.

Picture below by PhillipC


4. Building sand castles

What: what everyone does when they’re on a beach. But instead of a simple castle, go for the Taj Mahal, the Empire State Building or some fantasy tower.

For whom: people who actually wanted to become an architect, but instead have chosen for a safe and boring career as a banker, and still want to build houses. And children.

Special tip: read the article about sculpting sand in the June 2015 issue – it gives you seven tips. Plus a lot of pretty examples.


5. Making wind chimes

What: gather all those shells, pieces of driftwood and other weird stuff you’ll find when walking on a beach after a storm. String them together with some ropes et voilà, there’s your wind chime.

For whom: people who are struggling to think of a better personal/romantic/authentic/original/homemade present which doubles as an Algarve souvenir for relatives back home.

Special tip: don’t hang them right outside your bedroom window. One stormy night and you’ll be so annoyed that you’ll destroy your art the next morning.



See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine March 2016

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