5 Algarve organisations to support

Giving is more fun than getting, isn’t it? Make a difference and do something good for someone else this year. These Algarve-based organisations could use your help.

See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine January 2016


1. ACCA kids

What: ACCA kids supports children in need in the Algarve. It’s based in Almancil and the funds that are raised support both individual causes as well as disadvantaged children institutions.

How to help: collect clothes, toys and school materials. Alternatively, get in touch to know about upcoming events like seasonal fundraising parties.

More info: www.facebook.com/accakids



2. Peta Birch

What: in memory of the late Peta Birch, this community association helps children in need, underprivileged Roma families and neglected horses, especially in the Albufeira region.

How to help: collect specialist health care items that are needed (check with PBCA beforehand). Alternatively, donate to one of their projects.

More info: www.petabirch.org



3. Castelo de Sonhos

What: Castelo de Sonhos is a Silves-based social institution aiming to help children and families in situations of risk or danger. They also organise creative projects for teenagers.

How to help: donate food and clothing. Alternatively, donate money.

More info: castelodesonhos.pt



4. Madrugada

What: Madrugada helps people in the Algarve who are affected by a life limiting illness. The organisation, which is based in Praia da Luz, also supports the families of those who receive end of life care.

How to help: organise a fundraising event, volunteer in Madrugada’s shop or make a donation.

More info: www.madrugada-portugal.com



5. SOS Algarve Animals

What: SOS Algarve Animals is a rehoming centre. Apart from finding homes for animals, they also organise sterilisation campaigns and give information about how to care for a pet.

How to help: (virtually) adopt a dog or cat, become a flight parent, donate goods (like pet food, toys or medicines) or money. Want to know more about adopting a dog in the Algarve? Check out our October issue.

More info: sosalgarveanimals.com



See original article in Enjoy the Algarve – magazine January 2016

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